October 13/08 game...Ticats vs. Montreal.

Simply put,I can't wait to watch the game on t.v. this Monday....OSKEE WEE WEE !!!
Good luck Ti-Cats.

I can't either.
It's killing me, I really hope we can beat them again.
AC is talking trash, saying how he wants to show how the allouettes are a "way better team than Hamilton."
I hope they boys can pull off the upset again!!

As I learned Anything Can happen.
It will highly improbable we beat them two Weeks in a Row.
But here hoping the improbable Happens.

Don’t be too surprised. I think we will see Lumsden and Keith in the backfield. If Porter can do what he did last week and with these two guys in the backfield we may just be unstoppable.

i also can't wait for this game....the anticipation will be even higher if WPG loses on friday...

i think with Keith and Lumsden in the backfield....all we have to do is win the turnover battle and not take too many stupid penalties....and we'll have a good shot at winning this.


If we play to our recent potential it should be another beauty of a contest.

Montreal is a very good team and looking for revenge but if we play mistake free football we can play with anyone at the moment.

And dare we dream of a playoff berth if we do win?

Does anyone remember the 85 Ottawa Roughriders sneaking in the backdoor of the playoffs with a lousy record only to come within a field goal of upsetting the powerhouse Eskimos in the GC?


If we can beat the Als in Montreal after beating them the week before, knowing they will want revenge, there's no reason why we can't also win our other games this year.

I hope the Cats are ready for this game. Montreal will be fired up at home. Lumsden has been taking a lot of criticism for his injuries. I hope that he plays a great game and hopefully he doesn`t have any more back luck with getting hurt, this season. Along with Keith in the backfield, that is one scary one, two punch. If the defense can step it up. We have an excellent chance of winning this game.

Go Cats!!! Oski wee wee!!! :thup:

Do you know for sure that KK and Lumsden will be ready for monday??????

Forgive me, but I don't really see this as talking trash. Just stating a fact. An honest one at that.

Why wouldnt they?????? From what Ive been reading, they both should be ready to go.

If Jesse plays, I hope Marcel B and Danny M will inorporate the SWING and SCREEN passes to JL and KK. Did i mention the SWING and SCREEN pass? It's been missing since the first few games this season and if we want to spread out the Al's D and keep em guessing we need to use it. If Porter fires the rock with the same accuracy as last week with maintained protection and we utilize the swing and screen passes to the RBs, we will win. It will be another shootout, but we will win in the end. (We know Creehan will probably continue to have his pass defenders playing too far off the recievers as they leave the line of scrimmage or on their breaks. Thus the close game.)

He never said the Als were a much better team then the Ticats he said "We are a much better team then we shown in Hamilton"

I was able to buy a pair of tickets for Mondays game through the Als season ticket holder sight.
This will be my first visit to Molson Stadium and I'm looking forward to it.
A Cats win would be nice but as long as they can make a respectable showing I'll be happy. :rockin:

Hopefully the current trend continues, we lose big to the als, lose close, then win close, the next one is win big. I know it’s a long shot but a guy can hope can’t he? I would be very happy with any kind of win at all though.

What concerns me about Monday is that last Saturday, Montreal's receivers were open all afternoon. Penalties and Montreal errors went our way and we managed to stop the short game quite a few times....and that, along with our high scoring offence, gave us the win.
We can assume Montreal will fix the mistakes they made but will our defence improve enough to tie up the receivers and keep them for long gains? On Saturday, Montreal came back from a big half time deficit and towards the end of the game were only a play away from winning.
If Jesse and Kenton Keith are back we should be able to score enough points to win.The question for me is can the defence contain Montreal enough to keep them from being within one play away from winning again in the last few minutes? Any way you slice it, Montreal has a very formidable and well-drilled offence. Ben Cahoon and Jamel Richardson are downright scary.
If we can pull another win out of the bag on Monday.....things will be looking really good!

No, but I remember the 81 Rough Riders doing that. :wink:


I think your assesment is right on. The cats will probably have to score over 40 points to win the game so if the offence can come up big again they just might. Having kk and/or lumsden back there over tre smith should help that out and give the montreal defence something else to worry about. If all else fails let qp throw up jump balls for prod and hope he comes down with them, he should win more of those then he loses especially one on one. Fade routes to prod in the red zone should be the go to play right now if the other recievers can keep the dbs and safety away from him.