Oct - Football weather: what do the Gade have to show for it

After a great start, we all adjusted our expectations.

Now that reality has hit us in the forehead.

Since then these posts have been filled with complaining about the team, the coaches, the ottawa fans and of course the attendance...

This is a team that was not expected to make the playoffs. It's a shame but it's true...

That said, there's no better time of the year to go to a game. If you have a chance go to one!!

The good news is we play Hamtown for the next 2 games... A team we should play well against.

Let's focus on the game on the field for change....

What was up with that against the Argo's being ruled a fumble and touchdown then after they were lined up for the PAT havng the embarassing CFL refs suddenly change their minds after viewing the Video Screen in the Skydome (roger's centre). It truly is a sad day when the refs purposely go out of thier way to kill the momentum of a visiting (struggling) team. I mean the points were already on the scoreboard. These refs have got to be viewing film and practicing at least 32 hours a week if they expect to pass off as PROFESSIONALS!

I say it's time to clean house for next year and send Korey Banks to Saskatchewan. :smiley:

I agree Unreal, we could stick him in at safety so he can run around the field picking off passes while everyone else covers the other team's dudes. It's perfect!!! :slight_smile: