Hands down the best game of the yr. for the Cats!

I think that overall, you may be right!

Finally a complete solid game...some good offensive calling...I would like a little more play action and rolling out but overall very good...but what a difference in the defence....good coverage...good pressure...good game....p.s....solid coaching as well.

I think it's the best game the Cats have played since last Halloween. Just a great team effort all around. Hopefully they can take this momentum with them to TO next week.

It was the most one-sided win in the Ticats favour this year so far, so that may be accurate.

Something that seemed different about this team was that when they had the lead, they seemed to look to expand on it, and look to put their opponents away. Something that this team previously seemed incapable of doing.

I thought we'd be in some trouble if Cobb couldn't come close to getting 100 rushing yards. But after getting only 49 rushing yards on 16 carries, it turned out to not matter that much. Glenn and the receiving corps did well overall tonight. AB3 had 142 rec. yards, Stala had 92, and Mann had 75.

And maybe it also helped that the Esks couldn't establish a running game against our D. Ray did get some time, but how did a D that looked so bad last week look so much better against this same team? They did bend, but this time, did not break. The one TD given up was after the Stala fumble. Other than that, they just gave up a punt single and a field goal. Baggs, Tisdale, and Barker deserve credit for their big plays. Hinds also deserves some credit. And I don't expect Marshall to be criticized much this time. I guess he got his point across with whatever he said last Sunday. :slight_smile:

An upset win may have happened the week before. But like I said before... not in OUR house!

Next: Take out that blue team in their house, only invade so it won't seem like their house!

I go one further, Bo Smith had a strong game with 8 tackles. Nice job BS!

And he led his team in that category tonight. I still can't believe that we're saying good things about this secondary. We actually didn't wish we had players like Bradley, Heyward, and Shivers back. Not that I don't look forward to seeing them back, though.

I have hated this guy since last season, but he played great tonight. I hope this is the Bo Smith we continue to see for the rest of the year. He's a physical guys and should be up on the line bumping receivers. If he plays like this for the rest of the season, I'll take back every bad word I ever said about him.

Considering he's Canadian, Ryan Hinds is going to be huge for us.

Let's not forget Ryan Hinds. He has filled in well (after some early jitters) and got his first INT tonight. Coach Sal (I think)basically said that he won his position. Good on him. A starting NI DB is a GREAT find...

The video recap of tonight's game can be found here: http://cfl.ca/video/index/id/14737

Post-game interviews are also available now on Ticats TV.

Hinds is going to be a great player for us for a long time!
Great draft pick :thup:
Now let's get Chris Rwam...Rwaum....Rwom???? Chris R.!
Let's get him up here next year to compliment Hinds

I was very impressed with our secondary last night. Not one catch and run the whole game, from what I remember. A couple of interceptions (Tisdale's was especially impressive), a few knockdowns, and a bunch of instant wrap-ups. Most of Ray's completions were underneath coverage - short dumps or out to the flats - and nobody got more than a couple of YACs. I was a little worried early on about Smith giving too much room for his receiver, but he seemed to close fast enough to stop his guy from getting upfield. The other three didn't even seem to get tested much at all, with only six passes coming their way combined. Says a lot about their coverage. And that coverage sack near the end of the game? Wouldn't have expected that after last week's game. Wow. And Barker? He seemed to be reading the plays a lot better this week. I noticed on one of his knockdowns that he broke on the receiver before Ray even started his throw.

How much of this was due to the pressure on Ray from the line and LBs? Hard to say. While we didn't get to him that often until late in the game, the pressure was much better that last week, and Ray didn't have nearly as much time to stand in the pocket to throw strikes.

All in all, a great team effort.

Oh yeah, the offence did OK too. :wink: But then, I was expecting that.

The Ticats were better prepared and made much more of an effort in all aspects of the game. The DB’s were more aggressive
and had more urgency and guarded closer and seemed to have better schemes. the pash rush was more aggressive and they used blitzes more efficiently .

Barker came out much more aggressively and had his best came of his career to date. Bo Smith and Tisdale were also pretty pumped. Hinds and Dennis just contined to play well as they had been .

Mcintyre is a beast out there, When he plays DT he clogs up the middle and he also handles the run very well and tackles alot of backs from behind and makes them pay . Baggs is a supreme athlete and acan track down ant back or QB …he creates alot of concern and they have to double team him which opens up opportunities for markeith to blitz freely for example

Knowlton and Johnson both played great too and both did what they do best …knowlton is turnover machine…causing fumbles , stripping balls , recovering fumbles…he doesn’t just tackle he strips and tackles …
johnson punishes people and rarely misses tackles…he nailed ray quite good on a blitz

reality says we still need to bring in some dbs and if these guys continue to play well then they stay
but their past performance shows thay could slip easily especially against montreal

The biggest plus today for the development of the cats was the play of barker and hinds both non imports

To win the cup and /or to compete with the ALS i still think we need at least one CFL experince shutdown db like a parker or middlebrooks and at least one good import speed receiver to complement the current bunch on passing downs taking the spot drisan james once had. We should also be bringing in DB’s , receivers, and backs onto our practice roster …as right now if COBB or say bruce went down we’d be done

What I liked is that our DB's were not afraid to lower the lumber on the Esks receivers. Instead of the usual wrapping up and hugging the receivers...they lowered their shoulder to pop them i.e.. the hit on Barnes and Nowacki.

What a breath of fresh air, someone looking at the positive aspects of last night's game as opposed to dwelling on the negatives like so many people like to do. Great synopsis of everything. :thup:

Barker stood out on a few plays, and especially so on his sack. :thup:

And I believe it was Ike Brown on special teams went down on a kick or punt and totally obliterated the reurn team player trying to block him, penetrating right through him to the ball carrier and causing a fumble. Now that was an awesome football play!

I am usually one to provide detailed negative comments but I call it as I see it and today there was nothing but positives .
Hopefully we can build on this confidence , intensity , and preperation .

What I also like was Marshall and OBIE were fed up and pulled no punches . It is unfortunate that they some only pay like this when they have to or when they feel their jobs are in jeopardy ...

Some guys play like this game in game out ...in the past players like Ben Zambiasi , Rocky Dipietro , Rufus Crawford , and Joe Montford gave it everything on every down and game

On this team the closest we have our Bruce, Stalla, Knowlton , Mcintyre. These guys always bring it

That was one of the most awesome plays I have ever seen. I literally (and I mean LITERALLY) jumped out of my seat when he hit him.

X 3 !

You win championships with kind of intensity on special teams.

Oski Wee Wee,