Oct 4 @ Rogers Centre - What will you bring?

Lets bring the noise and complete take over the Argo's home park Friday.

Encouraging everyone to bring some added element that you else wouldn't bring..including extra people wearing black & gold.

Me? Cow Bell...if you have one or know where to get one..bring it! Tons of noise for our defense and its going to stir the prissy Argo fans up to the 500s!

:cowboy: :rockin:

I'd bring my big flag, but security at the Rogers Centre is the pits and they'd likely try to conficate it. So instead, I'll be bringing my flag/horn. I might also be bringing a wooden noisemaker.

I will also be bringing my cow bell as Im sitting with 2 Argo fans and an Alouette fan (on the Argo side).

I will be loud!

Those poor fans will regret going with you, I'm sure of it!

do they sell horns at the Rogers Center? I'd just pick a couple up there.

How about a Crying Towel? I smell an Arblow blowout.

@ticatsFO...sell Ticat merch outside the dome, or hand out some gold towels for us!

You beat me to this comment. I think we may lead the Argos after the first Quarter, but will get blown away after
half time. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: