OCT 3: Alouettes vs Argonauts

Game on! Car!

Kevin Eiben = Car

i have a feeling the only people watching this game are those of us on the forums. looks like some montreal fans made the trip though.

Calvillo can run 2 miles an hour and still pick up 30 yards.

im sittin this one out.
argos suck.
11-2 alouettes by 4pm

11-1 Montreal at the half. Toronto's offense is playing as inept as usual but credit to their defense. Those 2'nd and long short dump off passes in the first half by Picket were driving me crazy, at least in the 2'nd he took some shots down field.

keep checkin this game.
i see KJ is in, and the argos have points.
cant help but wonder how the argos woulda been doing, had KJ been starting this whole season, instead of that waste, Pickett.

i was glad to read, this week, that adam rita might be gone after this season....3 seasons too late, IMO.

mmm panago

I think the Argos using Andre Durie as a kick returner might be a good idea.

11-2 als.
argos need to clear out all management and coaches. start fresh next year!

Game over now at 24-8, Argos didn't embarass themselves though.

....there needs to be some big changes in argoland.....i feel sorry for the faithful fans of this club....Changes from top to bottom are in order....I don't like to jump all over another organization when the same 'floundering' was taking place on the team i support....but at least we have a flicker of hope now....i didn't see anything on the argos that would give anyone anything to cheer for....Apathetic play by a lot of their players and a qb. sprinting for the hills....kinda sums it up... :expressionless:

They've given up on Cito.

It was even worse watching it live.
No offence, no coaching, no managment and it appears no more wins this year.

Where are the owners of this ball team ? You know, the ones who called Bob Young a software salesman and had enthousiasm for their team ? WTF… These two guys should sell the team to someone who is interested if they are no longer.

I saw them smiling on the sidelines today.....

Heck....they are 3-10 this year under 1 coach...but last year Rich Stubler was shown the dor after a 4-6 start.....

By the way that it looks, Andrus might not even tie the W's Stubler had....

Don't be so sure. Toronto still has two games against Edmonton, and considering the Eskimos have split each series against Easterns this season, I don't expect the Toronto series to be any different. Each team will probably win at home.

the defense in toronto played fairly well i thought, that play KJ got rocked was kind of a bummer. i think montreal is awesome, but it would have been nice to see toronto win one at home. i think the fans need some advice from the hamilton fans on how to deal with this situation. or talk to us stamps fans from the early F-years.

I don't hold out much hope that my Argos can win a game in the remaining schedule.