Spoiling entails winning.

A Hamilton loss would DEMORALIZE the entire Ti-Cat team..........ARRRRRRRRRRGGOOOOOOOOOOOOSSS!

My Argos have two chances tonight; slim and none and none like Elvis has left the building.

The Argos have nothing to lose and will be loose, I'm very nervous for this one and we need it bad, hopefully the Argos will just not show up, hopefully but I don't think so. We'll see.

BIG game.. but I think the Cats have it in them to pull this off... with Glenn producing like he did in Montreal, if h'es half as good this week... we win, the D needs to step it up, once the O gives the Cats the lead.. Lock the damn thing down!!!


The Argo's suck chant didn't just appear outta nowhere :lol:
Was howls the last time, on tv you could hear the Ticat fans dominating Rogers center with Oskie-wee-wee chants and Argo's suck chants. Was like a mini home game.



Waits for Ti-Cats fan to finish chant



Nobody asked you!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice. :lol:

Go Cats!!!

Hope KJ racks up 400 through the air...........In a lose......

I didn't know these two teams played for a trophy. That's kind of cool. Hope Hamilton takes it again this year! :smiley:

"Easy like butter"


Seriously, Rod could not have come up with anything better than that?

After reading my question out loud I realize what I'm asking and to whom..

Penalties are the difference.. the Cats able to capitalize on the blew tream brainfarts, while blew punts!!

About time Bruce got thrown to

Love how Black mentions the Cats are pitching a shutout... WITH 34 MINUTES LEFT!!! Still a lot of time left, Black... plenty of time for the Argos to get a Rouge. :lol:

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who found that weird, Chief. If nothing else it gives us some comedy for the game..I don't know if game would be the appropriate word here..

Damn. Shame the Cats had to settle for a FG. A TD would've been awesome! :smiley:

I agree, it isn't looking like much of a game... Looks like Shultzy got his answer: The Argos aren't a mentally tough team.

Rod Black is the King of Cool.....

Wasn't he a DJ during the Disco era.