Oct 20 transactions

The kid kicker acquired is in town and plays out the season. Good luck to him and I hope he takes care of his kicks and sets the stage for 2016.

Lewis DB. This is the unknown dude in the Messam trade. He's the neg list dude. Bounced around in two NFL camps 2014 and 2015. Must have been cut in late Aug/Sept and became FA.............we'll see how good our eagle eye scouts are ID'ing this guy even though he was Stamps protected.

The other side of this is Lewis must want to play because within 5 days he signed. I hope he gets some game time cause we all want to see the 2nd player acquired in the trade. Crapigna is player 1..............Lewis player 2..............wait until draft 2016 for that 3rd rounder. I respect the opinions that our DB fold is actually pretty good.............but I disagree. Need to get younger and faster and cheaper.

McCallum is either injured list of will be on 46 man just not active.........I guess you just hold onto him for off season purposes. Jim Popp likes recycling guys so you never know.

And Sims back.........this has the feel of Tino Sunseri. Release and then bring back so I am not overly in favour. But we needed that 3rd healthy guy. Perhaps this is O'Day feeling that Sims showed better than what the previous regime felt. But he gets another opportunity.

Interested to see roster?

I thought that I was recognizing the name Blake Sims,, though I initially figured that he was the Neg list player we acquired

QB out of Alabama

My thought on Simms is that they had their eye on Boyd so released Sims...Boyde never got landed.

This is what I don't get. We bring guys in have them sit around, dump them then bring them back when we never seen them in action in the first place. Price is a good example. Last year he came in half way through the season and he sits then he is gone, then we bring him back even earlier this year and again haven't even seen him on a short yardage play?

And so our Neg list guy, Keith Lewis has been released to pursue NFL

YUP lol what a joke. So for Messam and Glenn we got a 3rd rd pick and a kicker. NICE

Simms was originally released for family matters and went home for a couple months

Lewis rights remain with the Riders...it was the right move to make...he's never even practiced

I like the new RB

whoever botched the Glenn and Messam trades should be given a fine, or some sort of physical abuse.

I think you know the answer to your own Question.. deal with it!

Some film here on Stephen Houston newly signed RB, looks pretty good here (of course its clips of the good stuff only)


It may have been the right move as far as player relations go but now he is still an unknown asset. If they would have at least got a look at him in practice they would at least have a clue whether or not they even want to pursue him. How can you evaluate talent when you don't even get to see it? That at least is what I thought the last few games would have been about but I guess we will just go into next season blindly and hope everything is peachy keen. Yeah that is working out well for us so far.

Don't recall seeing him play ever....never watched highlights...I know he has game. He is being looked at in a depth capacity in NFL week 6 after just signing a contract in the CFL...people in the NFL obviously like this guy to go there...those fringers are the ones you want.

You mean Lewis?

It's one thing to release a player on your roster for an NFL opportunity but to trade for a player and realese him immediately for an NFL opportunity is a head slapper of what was he thinking
Once released the player isn't obligated to return to you if he chooses to return to the CFL

That is actually not entirely correct. Only CFL Vetted players can not go on the Neg list. Vetted players are those whom have appeared on a game roster (I can not recall at the moment if that is 44 or 46, but i think it is the 46), reserve list or injury list for seven games. Lewis remains on the Neg List.

Ok thanks for the clarification

Lewis remains our territory and you gotta look longer term......big picture.

Lewis was signed and an NFL team must have had an injury and looked back his way.............that should say a lot about what NFL clubs like about this guy. He's kicked tires down there 14 and 15............we won't see him this season but he will either do enough to stick and earn a 2016 tryout with NFL...........or he could again look north..........wait and see. But he must be a player.

Crapigna was 2nd kicker taken in 2014. John Mark or Mark John was selected by us and never lasted with a few teams............here is to hoping this kid is better. It says a little that he's been kicking balls with the stamps all season on the PR?

Get the new RB the ball next raod game. Him and Allen can show their stuff.

Is Marcus White more of a DE or DT............I thought he was heavier and and a DT but looks like he's more of a DE and will get reps in Alex Hall position.

White was a DT but dropped weight to move to DE.

Johnny Mark was released to return to school...I don't recall the exact details around that at the moment...it was a bit of an unusual situation. He made himself available to the club a year later and I believe they passed

Johnny Mark got passed over by us and the Red Blacks quickly signed him............but he did not pan out there either...........I assume he's out of football, kicking balls in a park hoping a CFL comes calling.

Marcus White............dropping 30 to play DE is noble. But does he have the skillset to play that spot. We only saw him for half a game last week when Hall went down. Does he have the quickness to play well at DE?