Oct 14: 2009 CFL Trade Deadline

Who's moving to a new team this season?

I can guarantee this

NO ONE will report to the Bombers!!

That's possible.


I can't imagine why...

[sarcasm] Just like Willis, Ryan, Arthur and Santos didn't report. [/sarcasm]

Seems to me the only recent trade where someone refused to report was when Tom Canada refused to go to Hamilton last season (and that was before his injury was diagnosed). Look where that got him.

Why is the trade deadline so far into the season?

At any rate, with the Eskimos' season being over, I can't see us making any big moves. Not unless we start dumping players in an effort to rebuild, but I just don't see that happening.

Pending Boreham injury status and after Congi's lackluster game tonight, could the riders be willing to pick up a punter for the stretch drive? who is out there other than Paul?

Why can I not imagine McCallum ever wearing green again. I think if the Riders add a punter they'll have to bring in someone new to the league.

I think it is a mutual thing where McCallum will not be a Rider unless it is to retire 2 minutes after signing. just like another post i read. but by the looks of things they need somebody.

McCallum was never a great punter while he was with the Riders, so I find it unlikely they'll bring him in for that. He's also a downgrade from Congi on field goals.

There was rumours that the Riders might trade Fantuz as he's in the option year of his contract and is reportedly going to try the NFL next season, but with Dressler possibly being gone for the season I find that highly unlikely.

Wonder if maybe the Argo's will trade Joseph to the Bombers? A reunited tandem of Joseph/Bishop show! :wink:

The Argo's are the only team that's really completely out of the playoffs, you might see them deal some players.

Hasn't Fantuz suffered a couple serious injuries? I can't see him sticking in the NFL.

For Fantuz to be worth anything decent in a trade he would have to agree to a contract extension and that is unlikely to happen. He is likely to test FA and there are many teams that will be interested in offering him a lot of money, probably all teams will inquire.

Fantuz, questionable hands.

The clock is ticking. The plot thickens!

Looks like the TiCats could use a couple airlifts.

How'd that Bishop Watch go for you last game?


We definitely need a couple airlifts, too bad Obie think's we're perfect as we are :confused:

Questionable hands? Fantuz is one of the best clutch recievers in the league.