OCT 10

Hey lets pack the rogers center on next friday and make it feel like a home game for our boys oskee wee wee season ticket holders recieved a email with a ticket promo code TC2014 can be used for both games oct 10 and 25th single or 2 game pack

i hate the Friday night games in That city. I work afternoons and never get to go. :frowning:

im all in for Oct 25th game though.. air horns and all :rockin: :rockin:

I despise the whole experience of gameday at the dome. They have trested us very shabbily and I'm voting with my feet. No more Rogers!!!

Hey ryan call in sick and go to the game or arrange a holiday my work is pretty good with me and as for not geing treated right at the rogers center has not happened to me maybe because at 6foot2 270 lbs they cannot intimidate me go cats go

Me decked out in Ti-Cats stuff always sitting among Argos season ticket holders at Rogers Centre and I have never had even a hint of a problem attending at least 20 Ti-Cats games there over the years.

I'll be there again next Friday camped out on one of the bar stool seats in the last row of the 200 level in the south end seated with 3 Argos season ticket holders who have those seats as season tickets. It is great because they bring the beer and snacks to you and the washroom is 20 feet from the seats and the jumbotron is directly in front of you with TV screens overhead too. Never miss a play.

I have always had a good time with good natured Argos fans who rib me when they win and congratulate me when we win. I even had a bunch of them - many who I did not know - shake my hand in congratulations after the Cats won the EDF last year.

Had a call from our daughter in Calgary who wanted to know if my spouse and I wanted to go to the game Friday but considering we have to travel 400 which is no picnic at the best of times and definitely not on a holiday weekend, we declined. We're likely going north to my mother-in-law's anyway. Spouse wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea either!

who's all going lets make this a home game for our cats

Going with another couple to the game at the Skydump on the fan bus. Transportation from Eastgate Mall to the game and back plus endzone ticket. I'm sure there will be 30,000 empty seats so we should be able to move to a better place to view the game. I despise the horrible commute to that place and will probably arrive late due to the traffic. I'm not looking forward to the long trip home after. If they win, it will make that trip a lot easier.

By The Cats Claws Fan Club
call carol 905 664-6117 crose2@cogeco.ca

Agreed Ti-Cat Fans, let's pack the Roger's Centre on Friday night with a Sea of Yellow & Black Jersey's and Loud Cat fans as we cheer on our Tiger-Cats, and rip apart the ArBlows, it's time to eat some fresh Argo meat Tiger-Cats!!!

Here is a stadium map of Rogers Centre for fans and ticket prices,

[url=http://www.ticketmaster.ca/toronto-argonauts-vs-hamilton-tigercats-toronto-ontario-10-10-2014/event/10004C8994AA526D?brand=torontoargonauts&camefrom=CFC_argonauts_schedule#edp_isc_display]http://www.ticketmaster.ca/toronto-argo ... sc_display[/url]

The Cats bench at Roger's House is on the West Side of the Field, sections 130 and so on.

Enjoy the game Tiger-Cat Fans and remember to be LOUD & PROUD of our Tiger-Cats!!!


haha. if i did it'll be the one time i get my fat face on tv. i work with a part time Arholes fan. so id get busted for sure

I got my tickets, I'll be in section 134a

Section 222 for me.

It's not the fans I have problems with it's the Rogers staff. I have had my bugle at every CFL venue in the nation and yet the Skydome confiscates it.I've been told I was cheering too loud and if I didn't quiet down I would be asked to leave. Another time 2 teenage fans were being heckled by two vulgar thugs who had a long loud coversation about just getting out of jail and what they would like to do to them but staff would not help them. Ridiculous prices and terrible views! I am done till they get a new venue!

Yeah, I have to agree. The Rogers Centre security staff is near always excessive. I can't count the number of times I've seen security come down and have to get booed by all the fans around them because said fan did something incredibly minor, like briefly stood on a seat, or pigskin did an oskee wee wee in an isle, or someone gave a "first down" retribution to another fan. Strangely enough they is a lot less present at Jays games, but mainly because Jays games are far more sedate to begin with.

That's the corporate culture of Toronto though, and because the Leafs excel at making the ACC into a morgue for the corporate seating, the Rogers Centre seems eager to oblige.

Section 130 :thup: BRING THE NOISE HAMMERTOWN :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I dont know about Jays games being more sedated than Argos games. Have you been to a Jays game in the 500 level? Its a free for all. They had to stop selling 5$ wednesday tickets because people would just get plastered and fight in the 500 level. It was like Royal Rumble up there lol. It still does get roudy though.

TFC and Raptor fans are also very loud. Don't confuse the corporate Toronto crowd with the corporate Maple Leafs crowd. Attending a raptors playoff game last year vs a leaf regular season game was night and day. If TFC make the playoffs this year for the first time ever it will be wild at BMO.

Leafs games suck though. I agree. Suits upon suits

How is the view from Section 236?
Food & drink availability?

Info would be greatly appreciated.

I sat in section 236 last year for the eastern final and for football they are in my opinion, the best seats in the house,as they should be as they are the highest price, washrooms are very close as is food and drink .

I had aisle seats up high in that section , I would chose mid section if doing it again , as I seem to remember being up high ,it was hard to view the jumbotron.

Section 235 would be good as well and probably has more variety/unsold seats at present to choose from.......Cheers.

We really appreciate the info. We can have seating in row 1 or 2.
Last question, I hope, fellow wants to know how the food is at Kings Club and Baton Rouge Steakhouse?