Needs to retire ASAP... Higgins needs to be fired...Smith deserves another shot

But how can one catch anything when the quarterback he's playing under can't throw anything?

Mtl needs to trade for John Beck when Lulay comes back.

chad johnson should be tradaed to a team like calgary. he is on a bad team. he has been a great teammate there is no reason to keep him there when they aren't going anywhere unless they just want him to help duron's game and sj's.

No, yes and no

Not sure I would agree he needs to retire. They stuck him on the outside, mostly because he can't/won't learn the waggle, then they rarely throw to him, and when they do a number have been uncatchable balls. He does look like he's just barely going through the motions now but I think that's got a lot to do with how putrid that offense has been for the most part.

Best thing MTL could do is get rid of the Higgins-Dinwiddie-Smith troika heading the offense. Higgins has no clue, Dinwiddie is in over his head after his rather semi promotion after the unexpected firing of Rick Worman. And as for Troy Smith, would he be starting if his name wasn't Troy Smith, Heismann trophy winner with all those NCAA accolades?

Pretty tight race in the East. Wins are tough to come by for all four teams. It's gonna come down to the divisional games.

The crossover will be in full effect it would appear; seeing as the first place team in the East (Ottawa) has the same, exact record as the last place team in the West (Sask).

I am, in order, ambivalent, yes if financially realisitc, and firmly no.

As bad as the East/West disparity has been over recent years, I don't remember this happening before: if you look at the CFL.ca standings with the West at the top and imagine there was one 9-team league instead of 2 divisions, the standings would look just the same.

Also, after all those high scoring games to start the season, four teams this weekend went without a touchdown, although one of them still won.