He was on the injured list today.. how did he get injured? http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/mtlfr/pdf/dep ... 114010.pdf

Stubbed his toe? :smiley:

Groin injury from a few weeks ago. He's now back home because of a sick relative.

LOL, I completely forgot that he was still in the league. Pretty bad when a younger NFL superstar gets upstaged by a 41 year old converted CFL QB.

Now I feel bad for my sarcastic comment. I hope things are going well. Best of luck. :thup:

What could he have done to compete? drop 6 touchdown passes?

Is he going to play this weekend.. The last tome the Als has a game on ESPN he led the team in recieving yards

I was going to say eardrum sprain from having to listen to Carter and Woods all day during practice.

All the best Ocho

do you all know that he was voted third worst diva in NFL top ten divas :slight_smile:

09 August 2011

This was the list:

  1. Brett Favre
  2. Terrell Owens
  3. Chad Ochocinco
  4. Deion Sanders
  5. Jim McMahon
  6. Joe Namath
  7. Hollywood Henderson
  8. Joe Theismann
  9. Randy Moss
  10. Tom Brady

Why do you care? I thought your opinion of the CFL was that is was less than high school quality? Why torture yourself?

Trust me.. I ask myself the same question all of the time.. All season long I get pumped up for the game and then unfournately the game starts... At least the farciful follies of the Esks and Riders trading illegal procedure calls on three or four consecutive plays will not repeat its self for the third consecutive week. One can only hope that this weeks games will be played at a somewhat professional level

Oh god!!!! I sure hope not...

[url=http://www.si.com/nfl/2014/11/26/chad-johnson-cfl-montreal-alouettes-return]http://www.si.com/nfl/2014/11/26/chad-j ... tes-return[/url]