Accordingto Tva Sports
Chad Ochocinco is know on Als negociation list. Why would we had a 36 year old wideout on the list at this stage?

To get your name in American papers and talk shows.

If he truly is interested the Als would be a much better fit than the Lions. The Lions pretty much have their starting receiving corp in place. Montreal has at least one starting spot open with Bruce gone and Richardson staus not clear.
Most likely would fit better as a WR with Carter and Green in the slot.
Again if he is serious and in shape Arland Bruce and geroy Simon the same age and played well last season

Those two guys had over a decade experience in the CFL.

I have always felt that WR was the easiest spot for “rookie” imports to adjust to the CFL game.

Bringing Johnson on a Higgins coached team seems very odd to me :cowboy:

He's been out of football for 2 years. His last year in New England was a complete bust, caught about 10 passes and never learned the playbook. He's been in jail.
Coming (if) to camp is a long way away from making the team. He'd be a terrible influence on Duron Carter who has had issues in the past. I don't think he has a chance of making the squad. Another of popps fascination with old NFL guys I think. Name recognition invite, causes some to think there is a genius at work.


SJ: "I respect him but I can't look up to him"
JB: "It will be interesting"

A cost free way of getting North America to talk about the Alouettes - genius.

As far as the Alouettes actually signing Chad Quatre Vingt Cinq, it will never happen.

Yeah like Rob Ford.

That one I like. :smiley:

slant: just reading your post was enough for me to "decide " that our football team should not sign this player. I recall the year the Als signed another such "player with problems". Can't recall his name at this point but, he was the NFL back who took Mike Pringle's job away from him that year. The Als got to the Grey Cup with "Mr Problem" replacing Pringle ( the team did not win the GC). This discarded NFL back did not, in my estimation, play even close to his potential. It was AC's passing that got the team into the Grey Cup game. I don't recall " Mr Problem" being particularly good in that game and, in retrospect, I believe it was foolish for the Als to stick with him as Pringle, whom I believe had an injury earlier in that year, just might have given our team the edge in that final game. It was difficult for me to follow Pringle's last season with the team as, he had been so productive for several years and, was an all star back. I did not like the way the Als treated him in that final year. He resurfaced in Edmonton adding value to the team.
" Mr Problem" is in jail at this time. Throughout his football career he demonstrated anti social behavior in his personal life. My hunch is that this guy was and still has all the personality traits of a person with a psychopathic disorder.
Using Google I found some disturbing traits re Chad Ochocinco who had years with the Bengals, Boston and, Miami. With each of these teams, any success he had was diminished by his bragging,taunting etc. He earned millions of $ but, did not financially support his family. He once boasted of purchasing a $300 000 car and, he foolishly owes money to many while spending his millions .He too has spent time in Jail. It appears we have him on our negotiation list. His abrasive behavior was problematic to all his player peers in the NFL.I am hoping Popp is not serious about bringing Chad O to the Als.He would be true to form and cause considerable friction for our players.

You got things mixed up there. Als won the GC with Lawrence Phillips who was by far the best RB in the league that season. Things went south following the season when he beat his GF and was released. You might be thinking of Payton who was very ordinary and cut by Trestman who chose to go with Cobourne who Bellefeuille wanted to cut.

No i was indeed thinking of Lawrence Phillips, just could not recall his name. I don't believe he was an all star that season. There was stress with the team that year and, I would have to believe Phillips caused this stress. Who knows, without Phillips we just might have won that Grey Cup.In retrospect, there had to be tension with this guy around and, I suspect there would be such with Chad O should he be signed.

Lawrence Phillips had an allstar season with the Als in 2002 and we beat the Eskimos in Edmonton for the GC.

Phillips then moved on to the Canadian Football League. He had some difficulty getting a Canadian work visa due to his criminal record, but was eventually cleared to join the Montreal Alouettes. He showed signs of his old form, notching 1,022 yards, 13 touchdowns and a spot on the CFL Eastern All-Star Team while helping lead them to the 90th Grey Cup.[9] However, he was not exactly a model citizen; he walked out on the team at least once during the season and his agent severed ties with him twice.[10] He briefly held out of training camp before the 2003 season due to a salary dispute. On May 1, shortly after his return, the Alouettes released him for not meeting the team's "minimum behavioural standards." It later emerged that he'd been charged with sexual assault. Phillips signed with the Calgary Stampeders (rushing for 486 yards on 107 carries and 1 TD), but was again released for arguing with head coach Jim Barker.[9]

Yeah, Lawrence Phillips could have been a terrific player in either league but certainly had problems.

He was the back in San Fran who ignored his blocking assignment that caused the final blow to Steve Young's career against Arizona. He took no accountability for that, shrugged it off and was cut.

In Montreal I remember Don Mathews saying he was the most talented player he had ever been around and moved Pringle out. He was pretty good that year and was an all star.

But he was a thug through and through his whole college and pro career. His violence was a constant. I don't think of Ochocinco in the same way. Not a thug, more of a complete, selfish goof who really fell apart after a long, relatively productive career in Cincinnati. His hero was Terrell Owens....not the best of role models.

But I can't imagine that he offers value now.

Personally I don't write him off necessarily because of his domestic violence charge. I certainly don't condone it but he served society's punishment and deserves to be able to move forward. I just don't see it happening by playing anymore. Not many athletes take 2 years off, go to jail, and at 36 bounce back. Keep in mind this was never a cerebral player. This was a guy that had speed, talent and who never followed ( or understood?) a playbook. Carson Palmer , his QB in Cinci, said there was one playbook for everyone and then a one page book for Chad. In New England Brady basically ordered him off the field finally during that one year there.


Was there not a problem at one point during the season with Phillips? Seem to recall an issue mid way through the season where he was suspended or benched by the team?

In any case, do the Als really need Johnson on the team at age 36?! The possibility of disrupting the locker room?!

Chad was one of those Diva receivers when it was the thing to be during his prime years. He is not a thug like others mentioned.
He has made many movie and TV appeareaces on different sitcoms etc. so to me that puts him into a category where he is a personable and very lets say colorful induvidual. He thinks he has something to give and if the Als think he does and that he maynow be humbled by the New England expereince.
Now it is up to Montreal orginization. IMHO if they are not going to bring him in they should let his neg rights go and allow another team who may want him.
Montreal must be intersted or why grab his neg rights

We have had more than our shares of reclamation projects, now that I think of it so have the Als, who needs this head case?
Plus he is over the hill anyway.