OC Tommy Condell quits TiCats


[u]Tommy Condell quits as Ticats offensive coordinator[/u]

[b]Ticats offensive coordinator Tommy Condell has resigned.

Tommy Condell @TommyCondell
I have resigned as OC Hamilton TiCats. This move was done with great care and contemplation, but was made in the best interests of my family

The move comes on the heels of the departure of offensive line coach Allen Rudolph, who left to take similar position at Arkansas State. With training camp just six weeks away, the Ticats have just one offensive assistant on staff in running backs coach Corey Grant.

The timing of Condell’s departure isn’t good as most CFL teams had their staffs in place months ago. One possible replacement could be Austin, who also coaches quarterbacks and has been actively involved in game planning the last three seasons.[/b]


CFL News ?@CFL_News
With training camp just 6 weeks away, #Ticats have just 1 offensive ass't on staff in running backs coach Corey Grant - @scratchingpost #CFL

With Austin to take the OC duties, the Cats are in good shape.

TC was a great OC.

I do not blame the guy for moving on , but why wait this late ?

I was predicting the Cats for the 2016 Cup, but this hurts.

Always the wife ! :lol:

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Condell's close relationship w/ Collaros was considered big plus for #Ticats in efforts to keep him beyond 2016. - @TSNDaveNaylor #CFL

TiCats OC quits, TiCats should demand compensation from RedBlacks. :stuck_out_tongue:

?@Ticatsfan1 3h3 hours ago Toronto, Ontario
Tommy Condell resigned as @ticats OC today. I want compensation from @REDBLACKS. #CFL

Took you a whole 54 minutes to plagiarize my tweet.

Sorry, I read it and thought it was funny, just wanted to share it.

Meh. No big loss. Condell was likely a good guy, but let's be real here. Austin was almost certainly calling the shots on offense. I mean, now that Tillman is GM, Austin can afford to take on OC duties for this season at least.

I would speculate that he lands back in the NCAA shortly. He has had a lot of success there and a solid name. He could be an OC at most schools and some even a HC. Closer to home, he likes the pension plan and benefits with those positions. Can't blame him really. Not his first time leaving the CFL by choice.

That's too bad. He's a loss for the CFL.

A very good OC no doubt would have made a good HC

Or PUSH PUSH. Sorry but close the door!!

How about George Cortez as a replacement ?

As an OC , with the weapons he is as good as they come.

Long time winning track record wherever he goes.

The BC failure last year was not on him.

Don’t the Ticats still have him on their payroll? (OK, I guess that was done a couple of years ago.)

Wrong. Condell is twice the OC of Austin. Back when Austin was OC of teh Renegades, Condell was given 1 game of play calling in Austin's place. It was Joseph's best game of the year, they routed Calgary despite the fact that Armstead DROPPED 2 touchdowns. Ever since that game I watched Condell, he had a brief time at the helm of Sask not long after that, did very well.

Condell is a very bright dude who knows how to use his chart probably better than any other OC in this league.

I don't agree at all.
Unless he has "superstars" he can't "coach up" players and is just too predictable without the ability in his schemes to adjust or modify his game plan on the fly........which is an absolute necessity in any football game! :cowboy:

Yeah, what a hack. Only two Grey Cup rings as OC on his resume. :roll:

I said to my buddy the other day about George Cortez. As a whole our team kind of sucked with him as HC but the offense was putting up massive points. Too bad our defense allowed more, but Steinaur ran arguably the leagues best defense last year. Its not casey creehans all out blitz every play and hope we get the QB before he dumps it off for a 65 yard td

lol That's funny.
2 Rings and got fired Twice, yeah a real hack! :cowboy: