OC Prediction Thread (Lapo New OC)

Put your guesses here, I'm betting Khari due to the history of nepotism hires in the past, but would like Chapedlaine if he doesn't stick with the Riders.

Chapdelaine would be a good one IMO. Offense was the least of the Riders problems and they had to rotate QBs in and out as well. As a plus, I think he took a rather raw Brett Smith once Glenn went down and did a good job bringing him along.

I don't get some of the discussion going on around there though. Lawless is fixated on LaPo, I can't tell if he's reporting on a real interest inside the Bombers office or if he's pushing for a buddy to get hired again. I just don't get it. LaPo was basically in charge of the offense last time around, not Barressi. Other names Lawless has thrown out there are guys already employed as OCs out there like Jason Maas, not sure why guys already employed are going to jump over even if we offer them a raise and a titular promotion. I wouldn't complain, just find it hard to buy in to the idea. I could see Khari Pigseye as well for the same reasons you have, plus there's some idea out there that he's ready but that his chances haven't been a fair shot.

Given how some of the other coaches have been hired under Walters and O'Shea ie. last minute - I'm predicting Buck Pierce. It's not a sexy pick and the notion will cause a lot of you to wretch I'm sure, and it's not my first choice either but I don't think we've had a lot of success getting our first choice as an organization and let's face it this coaching staff is on a short leash so that will turn off some candidates who may prefer to wait for yet another Bomber housecleaning. A lot of you will say he's not ready, but yet somehow Calvillo was ready to be Montreal's OC after only half a season as a receivers coach. I've read elsewhere that he's been given playcalling duties in stretches late this season. There were stretches in games where the offense was productive and stretches where it stunk. If Buck was the one calling the plays during the good stretches, I would be less hesitant at the idea of him as OC. And I think they'll try sell it as Buck being the next former QB turned OC who could follow in the footsteps of Maas and AC while at the same time giving Willy some continuation on offense so he doesn't have to start from scratch.

Buck isn't a terrible choice imo either, it would be nice if he had some time to apprentice under a successful OC first though.

Interestingly, it seems like LaPo and Chapdelaine are two of the more popular names on some fans' wish list for an OC. Buck has spent pretty much his entire career playing for each of these guys in Winnipeg and BC respectively. One would think, or hope, that he's learned a few things from each OC in his time as a player that he can put to use if/when he ever gets an OC job. The one thing about Buck, if he can draw up a game plan to match how aggressively he liked to play when he was healthy, things would definitely be more diverse than the pocket-centric gameplan we've been watching the last couple years. We just need an assistant coach to remind Willy to slide when he takes off with the ball, can't rely on Buck on that one.

;;;;Due to our ..let's say, tenuous situation, I believe we have to go with experience...Is it the 'be all' or 'end all'??? not necessarily ...I'd hate for Buck to take the reins and flop...IF he was ready why didn't the Bombers see what he could do more often, with a lame duck Marcel still hanging around...He could be great at oc but are we willing to take the chance??Tough call when you know the fans won't put up with a floundering team again in 16'...We know Lapo and Brady can get it done...I'd go with either of them..

My money is behind Chapdelaine and once MOS fails next year, Jacques can step right in and be HC too.

I've seen Lapo was a lock if he's not HC in Sask, I've seen in a Penton article that the Bombers are very interested in Chapdelaine. And just recently saw this:

Wally Buono ?@GM_Brillo 50m50 minutes ago

As of today the @BCLions have granted permission to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to speak to Coach Khari Jones about an opening. @CFL

…Khari and Miller are pretty tight…I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or a good thing…maybe they’re too close…Smart move by Wally, as he now opens the door for a Lapo hire, probably hoping that the Bombers will sign Khari and he’ll get the better offensive co-ordinator… :roll: IF it comes down to us or the leos in Lapos case,I think he goes with us due to the proximity of his home…We shall see as soon as the dominoes fall into place after the Jones situation is resolved… :roll:

Maybe. I'm hoping it's a case of the Leos not wanting Jones back and letting him explore options and we're actually looking at him as a positional coach or offensive quality control coach and not as our OC. I'd be interested to know how much interest LaPo actually has in working in BC. From what I understand he told them no last year to being an OC. Maybe he'd be more inclined working under Wally than Tedford. Wally is a fan of LaPo but would LaPo like working for a guy that would look over his shoulder as much as Wally would, and apparently did with Tedford this season?

FarhanLaljiTSN @FarhanLaljiTSN

Both #BCLions & #Bombers have asked for permission to talk to Jarious Jackson about OC job. #Eskimos are waiting for Jones situation to be resolved before giving permission. JJs contract expires at the end of month

...Jackson is intriguing...I'm sure he'll give the leos a close look although when he left there he wasn't too impressed, with the Wally handled things, as I recall...One day a lot of past deeds are going to catch up with Buono, if they haven't started to already :wink:

Congrats to anyone who's had LaPo in the pool. It's officially official.

Blue Bombers ?@Wpg_BlueBombers 14m14 minutes ago

BREAKING: Head Coach Mike O'Shea has found his new Offensive Coordinator. Welcome @PaulLaPolice!

Not really a surprise I guess, with so much movement going on in the coaching ranks, the Bombers acted quickly.

Guess the best way to look at is with Buono return in BC and Jones jumping to the Riders we couldn't afford to take a chance on an inexperienced OC to get us over the hump, or no one wanted to risk their job on one.

I guarantee you guys this is a huge win for the Bombers. Lapo was the O.C. for Durants most productive season ever in Sask. The year of the 13th man. He gives you guys instant credibility on O. He and Marcel are night and day in there philosophys. You guys have to remember you still have Willy comming back healthy, and his injury was the main reason for last years situation on O, along with the Bellifuele thing.

I hope you're right Taleback. We need the success he had as OC in Regina. When he was HC and basically the OC here 2010-2012 we had the same issues then as we have now - QBs getting beat up, backups under performing, poor first half offense. It was why we got Gary Crowton. On the brighter side, we had success running the ball with him back then. If we can get the run game working once again it'll help make life a bit easier for Drew Willy. On the plus side, if you're trying to entice Andrew Harris, outside of hiring his old OC in Chapdelaine, there's probably no better enticement than to have an OC who likes to get the ball to his RBs.

...We need to fill a few holes on the O line and keep Willy healthy (who tweeted by the way that he's very happy with the Lapo hire)..Failing that a team is only as good as their stable of qbs. and if an offensive co-ordinator isn't dealing with his no 1...you know that's trouble...A priority has to be the o line and I see we have re-upped Goossen for the forseeable future and with young guys like Chungh we have a good start...I hope we can another good fa signing along the lines of Bryant and say goodbye to Picard who is done...Lapolice needs something to work with and I hope we can fill the obvious holes on offence and give Lapo a fighting chance.

Had Willy stayed healthy it isn't a stretch to think Winnipeg finishes ahead of BC at minimum. Winnipeg should be improved. Might not be a bad idea to try and sign another QB in free agency.

...Interesting that LaPolice says he turned down another club in the last few days as oc....Any guesses...most likely B.C. ORRRRR Sask....Does that make me feel better about his hiring in the Peg... I guess sort of, knowing the fact some capable people in Buono or Jones were seeking his services...Turned down Montreal as well a few years ago ...intriguing :roll:

I really like the hire.It was interesting when he was asked about the O line he gave kudos to several but omitted Picard.