OC Jamie Baressi Must GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bomber fans have seen coach PLP allow gritty, tough efforts like this game against the Argos go down the toilet 3 TIMES with stupid, braindead calls in the last minute of the game (Week 5 CGY 23-20, Week 6 HAM 29-22).

I feel too sorry for the Bomber players who poured out their hearts and souls for 60 minutes to be upset for myself.
Talk about a morale destroyer :cry:

Rebuilding must involve an upgrade at the Offensive Coordinator position for the Bombers to move forward.
Barresi is killing our enthusiasm; he can NO LONGER be part of this team.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-sV-O2-jCY&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-sV-O2- ... re=related[/url]

Arrivederci, paison :thdn:

Baressi ???

It's Plap calling all those game on the line plays and he's failed miserably on all of them.

Baressi is listed as the OC, & if PLP okays the plays, that makes our coaching staff doubly brain-dead.

I recall PLP being an innovative OC in Sask & Wpg. Even a lousy high school coach like Mike Kelly wouldn’t be tempted to call those guaranteed-to-fail, game-losing plays. Regardless, this has happened 3 TIMES to a football team that deserved a better fate. It must be fixed if the Bombers are to move forward.

Turned the corner allright :roll: :lol:

LaPolice calls the plays, as does Trestman for the Als.

I hate to say it, but there's really no comparison between LaPo and Mike Kelly; the likeness is more between LaPo and Andrus. But Paul is supposed to know the CFL well enough to avoid these game-losing play calls.

I know that Friesen in the Sun isn't a favourite writer of many in here, but I do believe this article of his is rather accurate on a number of points:

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Friesen/2010/09/21/15422831.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Fr ... 22831.html[/url]

Being a rookie in any line of work is difficult. And Lapolice had a a terrible game as a rookie head coach, no question.
The two best head coaches I’ve ever seen in the CFl, Trestman and Hugh Campbell, had their ups and downs early on. Trestman made terrible mistakes early this year even and said he’s still learning. I remember a great coach I knew who said…“never get too cute and try to prove how smart you are” Bingo on that 3rd down call.

Stay the course. This team is sooooooo close. Lapolice is not the problem. just way too many changes in Bomber country and with a rookie management team. But they’re gonna be good.

Quoted for truth.

In 2008, we had some pretty awful gaffes that led to losses and Marc was very upfront saying that he was learning the CFL game. In fact, he is still candid about that today, and we've had our share of mistakes this season too (getting penalized for delay of game trying to challenge a call without any challenges remaining; losing track of what down it was in the season opener which took 3 points off the board that might have won us the SSK game).

LaPo is a rookie head coach. Fans had to know that there would be growing pains. The third-down FB dive was one of those 'outsmarting yourself' coaching moments. LaPo seems like a smart guy. I'm sure he'll learn from his mistakes.

Lapo's been in the league for years, no excuse not to know when to go for a 2 point convert at any level of coaching, or to concede a single when you stand to get the ball at mid field in a defensive struggle. You don't need to be an experienced HC to get those right.

But, I think your right, he's thinking too much and outsmarting himself most times.

On LaPo's CFL experience: Yes, he's been in the league for many years, but he's never been a head coach before. Big difference. As a coordinator, you don't make those kinds of decisions, and even if you think about them in your spare time, it's not your ass on the line in a game situation when you have to make a split-second decision.

On the convert: I have seen many coaches in the CFL fail to go for a two-point convert in situations where I would have thought it was appropriate. The conventional wisdom seems to be: don't take points in hand off the scoreboard unless you're in the back half of the fourth quarter and the score is definitely an issue.

But, I think your right, he's thinking too much and outsmarting himself most times.
And that's not uncommon for hotshot offensive coordinators who become head coaches. Sometimes, you just need to hand off to your running back up the gut. Interestingly, it's the opposite problem in Hamilton, which struggles in short-yardage situations because the playcalling is [i]too[/i] predictable.

I bet most coaches would not have gone for a 2 point convert with 8 minutes left in the 4th either. I didn't have a problem with the decision to run the ball out at the time but 20/20 hindsight showed it didn't work out.

Every team in the league would have run that ball out...

You have to look at this way, and not as hindsight.

All games come down to a handful of plays in the end, some are in your control and some are not.

This game came down to those 2 plays, both of which were coaching decisions within his control.

That's all I'm saying.

Not sure I agree it came down just to those two, but I hear your point.

My point is that a long field goal try in this league is way too tempting to not bring out a miss. We've seen SO many big returns on long misses. JJ brings it back and all is well. Is Lapo responsible for missed blocks? It's hypothetical, of course, but I don't believe there are any coaches in this league who would have told JJ NOT to bring it out....