My money says Chapdelaine and Ritchie.

Any takers?

A Taaffe HC, Ritchie DC/Assist. HC, Chapdelaine OC would be something else.

Hmm, reuniting Obie, Jacques, and Casey would be great. I've always liked a Ritchie-run D. I'm in.

I take your bet and I double it.

Anybody else in?

I still have a feeling that Taaffe is coming back. If so, that pretty much rules out the gentlemen above mentioned, doubt if they would make lateral moves.

Chapdelaine would be a good pickup, being as he ran BC's offence the year Printers won the MOP award. Also, I do not believe he is being considered for the HC position in Montreal so he should be available. On the other hand, if Montreal's new coach, whoever he may be, ties the can to Bellefeuille, Chapdelaine may be considered for OC in Montreal.

Not sure if Ritchie at his age would want to make what is essentially a lateral move....but if he does hey why not, you could do worse (O'Neil).

I think Greg Marshall will be HC, his guy will be DC, and they should bring in Chapdelaine either way.

I listened to Obie on FAN590 last night; don't think that Obie was sold on Taffe. YES - he said what he needed to say, and he couldn't say outright that Taffe is history.
But I bet, after Obie looks at some films, and sees all the bone-head moves Charlie had made - you can bet the farm he will find someone else to take over.
Mark my words ..
The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

Well if they bring Dave Ritchie on board I hope I never have to see him rolling around on the turf like we all saw him do in the 1998 East Final.

Unless it's for a good reason of course.

  • paul

i dont think buono would give permission for ritchie to come to hamilton for dc .only for head coach would he give permission for him to leave bc as he wouldnt improve his job that he has in bc to become dc here and to tell the truth this team has enough problems with penalties and ritchies teams have always had to many penalties to my liking

Yep I have the feeling Taffe is done and it sounds like Richie Hall and Greg Marshall will be coaches he interviews and I hope he goes with Hall with either Chapdelein or Rick Worman as oc.

Ah but Montreal is interviewing both Hall and Marshall this week.........

I have a feeling that Ritchie will be brought in as H.C.
It would be nice if he could get Marshall to be a D-Coordinator assistant HC with the thought of giving him more responsibilities in the next 2 years to work as a successor to old Dave Ritchie.
Bringing in JC to run the "O" sounds great!

I think the fact that O'Billovich spoke to Taafe, but didn't then immediately tell the press that Taafe will be head coach speaks volumes.

I think Taafe will be fired and Montreal will pick him up as head coach.

I also think that Dave Richie will be our new head coach, and Jacques Chapdelaine our new offensive coordinator, but I have NO IDEA who we will get to run the D.

Montreal won't touch Taaffe. Marshall, Hall, Buratto, and Jones are the candidates in Montreal, interviews this week, announcement next week. If Obie fires Taaffe next week, it's too late for him to land in Montreal even if they wanted him, which I don't think they do.

Since Ritchie said he wants retire
and go back home to Pennsylvania

if he doesn't get a job as Head Coach.

Only if he has to, Obie could make Dave
ASSOCIATE Head Coach with Charlie Taaffe,

which is an upgrade, and have him oversee
or totally look after our D.C. duties.

Did I just heat Less Browne say, Yahoo?

There should be a mercy rule
for a 69 yr old man, even if

he still has time to go
on his contract in B.C. :wink: :thup:

If there was one, we could get Dave
working full-time improving our Defence.

I Hope Charile Is Head Coach.
Then Bring in a Experience Coaches for OC and DC

as someone has already alluded to, the O.C. should be chapdelaine due to the fact he's not the first choice in mtl.the D.C. will in effect be ritchie but he'll be the H.C. and bring with him someone he trusts to give the title of D.C to(my guess would be mike roach-d-line coach in b.c.).
how about that for a nice b.c. reunion.obie,dave. mike, and jake.-oh, and of course casey,maybe geroy?
i guess a little more waiting to do for the fans as the coaching decision won't be made til sometime next week.

city legend

Note to Obie: please don't make Ritchie HC.