the Lions are in a class by themselves this yr, no doubt about it.

viva la 2006 cup winners.

Just mail the checks now :thup:

Hhahahha... isn't that what you guys all told us last year?

not me. Last yr I knew the winning run wasnt for real. Too many close wins by luck. Never did beleive in them last yr, but this yr is the yr of the cats.

That's because you weren't here last year. But the Lions fans that were here certainly did.. and I'll say the same thing to you now that I did to them then.

Any team can beat any team any day in the CFL. It's a long road to the Grey Cup, and the Lions aren't any closer than anybody else yet. We've seen a lot of dominant teams that "should have won" go down without a cup here in Calgary.. so don't get too cocky.. you just might jinx it.

Only Cats i know of are sitting at 3-11 :stuck_out_tongue:

AMEN! - And thats another reason to love this league we call the CFL!

Nothing is guaranteed in the CFL. 11-0 start last year then 1-7 to end the season. This year we've got Montreal who were 7-0 and now 0-5 in the last 5 games playing awful football. Just make the playoffs and anything can happen. This is the CFL remember.

As for the Lions, Dickenson's health will be crucial during the playoffs. I predict they'll rest him for the last couple games and start Pierce.

Last year Lions fans were not on here bragging about how they were going to win it all , you just made that up Calgary4life.
Having said that I’ll also distnce myself from fottballyoubet’s bragging too . Unrealriders has the right perspective anything can yet happen. Hopefully Footballyoubet doesn’t have to eat crow for the sake of the rest of us Lions fans.
Btw , Unrealriders how you been ? Haven’t seen you on here since last year , when we had all our battles. :wink:

pennw the lions fans were all over making sure the we knew the lions would win. and unrealriders has it right,anything can happen.

ok, I confess. Although I do believe in this yrs lions way more than I ever did in last yrs lions and I do beleive them to be the best right now, my post was mostly tongue in cheek for the lighthearted fun. Always see people make outlandish statements after a game, like Lancaster for coach of the yr, etc, so I figured hey, I can do that, heh heh


Its nice to be sitting on top, but too many things can happen in the CFL game. Injuries can play a big part. Besides Dickenson, I noticed one of our Linemen were down for a bit. Knock on wood, a few injuries can change the makeup of a team. I'll wait a while before planning a parade route.

Besides the Eskimos are not officially dead yet. They've broken my heart too often in the past. I wont write THEM off until they are mathematically done!

I was cautiously optomistic about the Lions 11-0 start last season but to compare this season is a little harder. The Lions look stronger and seem to have their D playing as a unit.

Last season the Lions won some games they had no business winning early on but the Lions this season have looked solid with the exception of the Esks game where the holder fumbled the FG snap.