Obvious changes on the D required

We have to find a way to get Bobby Brooks into to lineup as a starter. It doesn't make any sense to have your best linebacker on the sidelines.

Chris Martin and Wayne Shaw wouldn't be able to play on any other team in the league. Our secondary looks really weak. The huge cushion these guys are giving out there certainly shows our inability to cover.

Mariuz has been a real bonus. This kid should also be starting on the outside. :cowboy:

my two cents worth!

Mariuz can't cover.

Brooks to the middle, Armour strong side, Auggie weak side. Brooks HAS to get in there and in the middle.

the two things that have to happen on d are start brooks and bradley that are both amazing and can be leaders on the field

Did you notice Armour replaced by Hitchcock during the second half ??

Did you notice Hitch played a heck of a lot better! TCMIK

I could be wrong, but I seem to recall Armour making a bone headed play, and then taking a penalty on the very next play. Could be something to do with that... though that would cause problems for all the theories that Marshall isn't tough on guys taking dumb penalites...

I was surprised the coaches let Armour back on the field
after he took that bonehead roughing the passer penalty
long after Calvillo had thrown a pass.

He placed his hands on his shoulders,
which he would have gotten away with,

but he had to deliberately throw him down instead.

I agree about Mariuz, he is realy a great player,

Armour did make a few bad plays,

What is so great about Brooks? he made a few critical errors on Saturday and he did not do anything great. Is it his NFL status? Sometimes that means nothing.

Ray Mariuz is a great team guy but he's not a great player. He may be one day but he isn't yet---which is probably why the Argos let him go. I think he's got all kinds of upside though.

As for the Ti-Cat D, lighten up. Too many guys hurting on the line which affects everything else. Give 'em time.

(An Argo fan)

Argo's did not let Mariuz go....in fact after being their special teams capt. and seeing time at linebacker as a rookie the Argo's called possibly their smartess defensive player. They were unable to sign him........he wanted to play in Hamilton. :cowboy:

Looks like the als found an import stud to play middle linebacker ours is brooks play him;and HOW COME gordon could start for sask. last year but not us this year;god im confused at what our coaches see?????????

he had a bad camp apparently.

common sense would dictate that the starters should be:

CB: Kornegay or Justin
DB: Goss
S: Gordon
DB: Cox (Bradley against teams with weak RBs)
CB: Cody

OLB: Mariuz (if Mariuz 'cant cover' then Auggie sure cant either. rotate the two but start Mariuz)
MLB: Brooks
OLB: Armour

dline is set with Cotton, Cheatwood, Belli and Peterson with Fatafehi, Collier, Walker and Dunbrack as backups.

belli also received a stupid roughing the passer penalty.. why r we givin them the game!! we need brooks inthe middle hes awsome for coverage, cox and mariuz on the outside linebaker.. we r set! db, keep Goss and cody in.. decide on the rest.. goss is consistant when the LB's do there coverage right, cody can be deadly if the middle was more protected.

hes a hard hitter, not to great on coverage or man on man. good for plays to the SB up the middle, outside or straights he gets burned,

How can you call Brooks a hard hitter when he's been on the bench more than anything? I suppose your right, he is stud too - I guess that ONE tackle he made in the game REALLY made him stand out! WOW, pretty amazing!
Barrenechea is best, bottom-line.

just because a guy is american doesnt mean anything, brooks, is a downhill player,auggie is a much better all around backer and a very smart player, mariuz is also a great player,with more game experience he could be the next hitchcok, as for the secondary, they need some serious help, meaning some serious talent, that is what is hurting the ticat defense. its sad, but true. the front 7 are a strong unit less some stupid penalties. it seems like marshall has something for americans, which is unfortunate because on both sides of the ball, there are underused great canadian talent #18 is an example

Your set up lacks Bradley, who is one of the few DBs im consistantly impressed with.

I agree with most of that, except that Cox was moved to linebacker for the same reason as Martin was (and Chris Shelling before that), because he couldn't cover as a DB. Putting Cox back at halfback would likely be a repeat of putting Martin back there.

And Justin needs to give the receivers something less than a 15 yard cushion.