Obstacles to NFL long term success

I think a potential lockout is the most important one in this article, arguably though.

Five Obstacles that Could Damage the NFL and Long-Term Success


Fine article Earl thanks for sharing! :thup:

Reading Yahoo! links almost everyday and multiple times a day, good thing you caught it because I did not find that one buried in all the crap on there normally.

As I wrote a friend and fellow NFL fan recently, we are in the last stretch of an era for sake of NFL football:

Most noteworthy is that those of the players who don't make the playoffs and who will be free agents are at a severe disadvantage with the looming lockout.

On top of salaries likely to be lower overall relatively speaking but for a few elite stars (i.e. most starting QBs due to shortage and elite RBs, WRs, and linemen), I don't think many such free agents will be remembered as well if at all for sake of what they did in December 2010 when the time comes to make decisions in August 2012 (assuming not the absolute terror of the worse-case scenarios of more than one season locked out).
We are at the end of an era and the start of a new one for the NFL I think. You could almost sense something had to give the way the last draft was so overproduced and with rookie salaries out of control.

I would call this era from 1978 to 2010, whatever happens for next season, not just the "Live Ball Era" but the "Prime Era."

No prob Paolo. I thought it was an intriguing article. And good piece on the "last era of NFL football."

Theres the issue of a lockout of course and also, like the NBA, when your league is more hype and hot air than substance, it'll come back to bit you potentially. The NFL may become victim of it's marketing success in the future.

Note that the article that makes some great points overall but is woeful and inaccurate about more than just the NFL in the section on "Globalization."

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Furthermore the NFL's only realistic prospect for expansion globally for at least the next 10 years in my opinion is for sake of marketing not for new teams as reported seemingly entirely in wishful media.

The author has to be pitiful or just plain lazy in this age of the internet, Wikipedia, and other resources for fact-checking and double-checking before writing that crap in that section. Take that whole section of "Globalization" out of the article and it reads much better too.