Obsevations on the game

Printers was OK…nothing more…Certainly the Second best QB out there because the “washed up, spaghetti armed old man” AC, basically picked apart the Cats D and did pretty well whatever he wanted…all without Cahoon Payton and Thurman.

Jesse isnt right yet. I hope its because he is still hurt cause if he gets 36 yds healthy the cats better get Caulley back soon.

The Ticat secondary is brutal as far as coverage and open field tackling.

Miles is a good addition, Printers and Miles just may steal a few games by themselves.

Setta is a future Hall of famer if the NFL doesn’t snap him up.

The pre season predictions of a ten win cat season and a 3 win Als season might not come to pass.

The O line, which was supposed to be a strong area was really bad on Thursday, Printers had pressure all day.

The Cats looked bad, plain and simple.

Thanks for starting another thread telling us how bad we are, now instead of 5, 000 of them theres 5, 001.

Sorry...but I was told 5000 times this pre season how much better the Cats were than the Als..

Glad I made my words soft when I asked
"What are you going to do when we beat you in the first game of the season"
I ate them......

Oh well..............................