observe and watch............

I've not had a lot of chances today to get in on the myriad of conversations about all the news surrounding the team.....so here's a thought that I picked up on listening to the guys on the Fan590.

They were saying they fully expect our new GM to sit back for a bit and just observe the operations and get a feel for the staff, coaches, scouts and players and see how things are put together....they don't think he'll make any drastic changes for the sake of change and I agree.....

....so even if we do lose more than we win for the remaining games, I, myself am prepared for that knowing that the process of getting better has begun at least....

I, like others, really don't know much about this new GM but just reading everyone's posts, I think he'll work out good.....

Welcome Aboard to the new GM.... :thup:

Re: "Drastic changes for the sake of change"

You say you dont agree but what about the drastic changes that went on this week. ?
Do you still believe that no one should be fired or cut?
You dont like Katz having to quit as GM but said "others dropped the ball"
Who "dropped the ball"?

I've not had a lot of chances today to get in on the myriad of conversations about all the news surrounding the team.....
And for that, we thank you!!!

Gentlemen, Gentlemen...

When I first saw his picture, I thought Billy Joel was our new GM.... :lol:

....but hey, if he can play the piano like Billy Joel....well, that's a good thing for all you partiers out there!...(after we get on the winning track again of course)


I'm with you, Mikey. Dejardins needs to take a close look at the organization before he rushes into rash decisions.

I approve of what the team has done in the past couple of days. At least, they're showing the fans that they aren't about to sit back and watch the team implode. They're building for next year and giving us something to hope for.

I beleive that through all that's ensued, Bob Young has received a good education about Canadian Football and we'll eventually see him capitalize on that.

I think that's the first time I've heard "Billy Joel" and "partier" in the same sentence....

Any of you who have been in management will know that that is the only way to survive. If you arrive and start slashing with a large sword you will be the one wearing the knife in your back at the end of the day. There should be some admin and players hoping to impress the new guy over the next 7 games.

You may be right...I may be crazy, but it just may be a lunatic your looking for.

ahahaha, priceless

C'mon Bob and Katzy....quit pulling our legs......this is Billy Joel!

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Who do you think you're fooling anyhow? :wink: