Mike Kelly..... might have been a bad coach and may have been running an outdated offense and all this stuff and maybe some players liked him and others didnt but uhhhh sounds like he did a pretty good job with actually finding talent.. sure murphy gets some credit but certainly not all.. guess last year's regime if u take away all the bs with the media and the perceived "hating" of fans and all this stuff, wasnt as bad as it seems.

paul lapolice and joe mack are probably benefting greatly right now from guys KeLLY traded for or put on our neg list...

gotta wonder all these signings here that we are making... seems to me alot of them are for guys kelly and murphy found "last season".

Meh, whatever. give the guy some credit for sure. i know some refuse to give the guy credit but regardless, all this speculation of cap problems and all this junk, hasnt been proven, lapo says we pick 6th overall so guess our cap problems if we do have any arent severe enough for us to be u know losing a draft pick so obviously he didnt do a half bad job

wonder how many of these signings right now are actually guys kelly originally put on our neg list? doesnt matter tho.

we all know murph had a knack for finding talent, and kelly prob did do a lot, but other stupid decisions will always overshadow that... maybe kelly did set us up with some players for this season. but im still glad he is no longer a part of this organization.

regardless, its mack and co. getting these guys to sign the dotted line, and have already added some interesting talent. tc should be competitive, and should prove to be great like last years (minus the lefors being handed the job thing)

Regardless, it's nice to have a scouting department again, along with the free agent camps, your bound to turn up something.

I don't understand your comment. We've always had FA camps and when didn't we have a scouting department. It was a bare bones scouting department under Taman but it was still a scouting department.

probably just means we actually have a guy who is considered a director of player personnel in ken moll and last year had murphy in the same role. prolly just i dunno, we didnt have that when taman was here.. taman and hodgkinson were our scouting dept basically, now tho its more by comitee it would seem instead of 1 or 2 guys doing it all.

i dunno tho. could be something completely different lol

last two years i have been impressed with the scouting. were finding talented youngsters and getting them up here to compete rather than signing older experienced players on the downside of their careers. obv you need veteran leadership and established players, but rather than an old and expensive team like two years ago, recently their going after younger prospects like hefney, bowman, ryan, hunt, ortiz etc etc... which is good for the future of this team

Oh come on, our scouting and recruiting was beyond bare bones for years, last year was the first time they reintroduced a full time department for it in the organization with it's own budget.

Even Friesen realized what a joke it was.

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/columnists/paul_friesen/2009/01/15/8028586-sun.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/colum ... 6-sun.html[/url]

But that changed last season and the way your comment was worded seemed to apply to last season as well.

The original post was wondering if the signings were the result of last year or the new regime.

I was commenting that it didn't matter who was responsible for the scouting and recruiting, I was just glad that we were doing more of it again.

The Bombers didn't even pay Taman's way to scout Bowl Games, I remember a story when he had to borrow his mothers Rambler and drive down to the games.

....HIS MOTHERS RAMBLER :lol: :lol: :lol: ....that boy travelled in style...I remember back a few years Taman was coming out of a 7/11 where a fan ran into him...He said he looked like he just crawled out of a dumpster... :lol: and had a wad of napkins along with a slurrrrpy in his hands....The napkins were probably where he kept his player personnel records...according to some....Scouting and contacts in the states dropped off to near nothing in the last few years...It did improve last year....but previous to that.....bad....We couldn't find a qb' or kicker worth a nickel for quite a stretch...Oh well the riders can enjoy the Taman experience now....Re-signing ol war horses....over-paying players and giving out big bonuses....and best of all....dumping those draft choices :lol: :lol: :lol:

The irony is, the team Taman built in Winnipeg in 2007 is better than anything they've had since.

And, Taman's 1st offseason in Riderville has been just fine - 12 of 16 free agents are re-signed (one retired - Davis, one not offered a contract - Washburn, and one left as a free agent - Walker, and of course Baggs left for The Show), Durant is extended, we added Rodriguez and apparently Simpson. Rider fans are as hard on GMs as any in the league, but even they are struggling with finding something to complain about so far.

....Are you sure that all the signing work being done isn't because of Miller who 'oversees' everything :wink: ...Give it time with Taman ...I'm sure you'll come-up with something to 'ride' him over'''.....When you get the Wendys kick for a million kicker getting a look for your roster.... :lol: :lol: then we'll talk....Till then ...keep a close watch on your boy Brenden....I'm sure Miller is... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm sure Miller is involved in a great deal of this. The sign of a good organization is properly utilizing people. It seems the Riders have found a way to allow them to benefit from Taman's strengths, while limiting the impact of his limitations. Plus, after this year, Miller moves into the VP-Football Ops spot full-time, so Taman as GM will always be reporting to somebody.

Very true...but he was also responsible for the team fielded in 2008...when he did much like he's doing in Regina now...resigning all the free agents from the year before.

Agreed. But wasn't the 2008 result almost completely due to whatever sort of meltdown Glenn had?

to an extent...Glenn threw for over 300 yds in a number of games at the beginning of the season and lost them...

Taman is just a horrible season(s) just waiting to happen, yeah he re-signed FA'S that were already part of the team and added Rodriguez (who had injury problems last season) and signed a bunch of older cast-offs, welcome to the new Taman era ... LOL ... seems all to familier. Oh yeah he re-signed Durant, but if Durant goes down who is there to take his place? Totally reminds me of Glenn in Winnipeg and we know what happened when he went down !!! It won't be long until your all calling for Tamans head, 2-3 years MAX!!

Maybe....who knows. I think the difference is that the organization around Taman now is far better than the one he operated under in Winnipeg, where he had virtually no resources or support.

That could be true, especially the last part, but I don’t recall most Rider fans seeing it that way before. :wink:

What bothered me the most about him was, when he was given the resources last year, he bailed on the team.

He claimed he was burnt out, but I believe it’s just easier to look at the napkins than it is to actually do the leg work. In short, the man is lazy.

so i guess if the riders suck this year... thats on durant right? LOL... maan blaming 1 guy for the team blowing chunks in 2008 is laughable. ha hey,, well whatever u know what a laugh sounds like. the whole team from bauer to taman to berry to the players were all content and lazy cuz all off season u heard this team is gonna dominate, they started to beleive their own hype.. all of them.. even us fans bought into it somewhat..... what happened was tho... with no real competition at training camp for our veterans and a team that honestly over achieved in 2007, they became complacent and got very very very lazy... guys came into camp overweight and out of shape,, see CANADA,TOM. Roberts,Charles. These guys yup, not to mention the soap opera our coach created with the whole troy westwood saga there. Yup, geesh the scary part tho is when glenn was sucking (wasnt so much glenn but our offensive coordinator just had no clue aswell)(and the coach refused to fire him) atleast we had a qb in dinwiddie who played in a cfl game b4.. what do u got behind durant? maan oh man i hope for your sake, durant shows he wasnt just a 1 season wonder.

u know this does seem similar to 2007 with glenn as our guy and no real backups behind him with any playing time. it really does. yikes, hope a similar fate doesnt happen to sask... geeesh, what if durant goes down wk 1.. my god, u guys would be lucky to win a game i think... nott saying bergquist or harrell or whoever the other guy is? is there another guy? umm i dont think so actually at the moment, but not saying they suck, but just saying it times time for guys who have never taken a snap in the league to learn the game. Good luck to these guys, they can do all the film studying they want, but ya man, good luck to sask if durant goes down. thats all im gonna say.