Observations watching Bills in Toronto game

Score presently 47-17 Seatle , very exciting quarterback Seattle has , ........lots of empty seats in the 500 level of skydome, suspect 50% of seats sold were at a discount or given away .........lots of dropped passes and turnovers ........The Bills in this game are just terrible ......... Hope TO has more NFl games it sure makes our CFL look wonderful !

Worry about getting 25 000 to Argo games, a owner who who doesn't own a team in the same league. Not sure this helps the Argo's ?why people waste their time bashing the NFL .? It's the biggest and most popular league in the world, why even compare the two. I enjoy the CFL game more and love the fact it's our league and Grey Cup week is the best party going !

Only 40,770 announced attendence minus the 20,000 free bees = LMAO :rockin:

Just read on another forum , that there were no argo championship banners on display to-day in skydome from previous years , they had all been taken down , when Dick Stockton mentioned the Argo's championship season this year and the camera panned around skydome , all that was left to be seen was Blue Jay banners .........Not bashing anyone but just mentioning what challenges the Argos have to contend with, when dealing with Rogers.

Another bogus attendance when the usual 25,000+ freebies were involved.
Employees, all those attending any Rogers stores and also homeless people around the dome were no doubt pampered to attend.

This should not surprise anyone.

The mainstream NFL with all the backing of “the best players on the planet” and the huge marketing of American media plastered everywhere in Canada promoting the most almighty league on the planet etc. Man, this game and all games should have been sold out and huge prices eons ago in a foreign country begging, purely begging for the NFL.


I figured Rogers would have taken down the Argo championship banners. What a bush company, but totally not surprised by this. Makes them look about as scum bag as they come, which they are of course. Next time I go to their dome, I’ll do something inside and happen to miss the toilets. :wink: What a joke.

I think those Canadians who bash the CFL because they think NFL is so much better and the players make so much money should have their eyes opened with the dreadful display of football by this Bills in Toronto series. If a CFL team played that poorly, if the receivers dropped that many passes or the tacklers so lackadaisical in their play, the coach would be fired immediately after the game or there would be a riot in the streets.

We should take pride in our game. The professionalism. The excitement. The intensity of Canadian football. You will never see such lousy efforts in a CFL game as the Bills have provided for their fans. Not even in exhibition games.

Rogers will you stop this misery and make the Bills go away...please?

And Canadians have spoken, by the tremendous fan support in both CFL attendance and TV ratings which culminated in the amazing 100th Grey Cup celebrations across Canada, including Toronto. This is something we all should be proud of...

The CFL - The Greatest Game on Earth!

p.s. where's Mikey?

No Xv, please have Rogers keep it coming and with no Argo banners, continues to say to Canada "yes, Rogers, we are a company that couldn't care less about Canada and what it stands for." Keep 'er coming I say. Shows they are scared poopless about the little 'ol CFL, I love it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't understand when people say that the NFL is the biggest league in the world. Nobody cares about it outside of North America. I don't like either, but the british premiership is easily the biggest league in the world.

Sorry I'm off topic but it's something that always irks me :x

When they talk about the biggest league in the world, I'm pretty sure they're talking about revenues (ticket, sponsorships, advertising etc.). I also don't think any professional league in the world can boast an average attendance of 68,000 per game or whatever it is.

That doesn't bother me. What irks me is when Super Bowl winners get called the "World Champions" or such-and-such team won a "World Championship" by jingoistic nitwits like John Gruden.

I tried to watch this game, but it was atrocious to watch. The announce attendance was 40000, so it's obvious there were far fewer people at skydome. I wonder if the Toronto media will have a field day with this one. To think people thought this NFL invasion would hurt the CFL. It hasn't done a thing harming the cfl. If anything, the league looks a lot better now than even in 2008.

We don't want the Bills to leave Toronto. They need to stay there, one or two games a year, and ensure southern Ontario belongs to them. That will keep another team from moving in full time.

To me, it is Junior Hockey but I can live with it. :smiley:

I have told the story many times...

A few years back I was in a gas station before a Bills in Toronto game and a man walked in, with a hand full of tickets, and announced FREE tickets for anyone who wanted one. I passed.

The league is better off than it was in 2008 and it is miles ahead of where it was in the late 1990's. Expect a very healthy increase of cash with the new TV contract. New stadiums everywhere. League sponsorship is way up.

Right now, everything looks great for everyone but Toronto. If we can somehow find a way to make the Argos work, we fans can stop worrying about the survival of the league and just worry about our teams winning - or a 10th team. I hope to see that day sometime soon.

For the CFL, slow and steady wins the race.

I am quite sure that this is not what Rogers had in mind when they dished out Millions to the Bills to host these games each year. They were foolishly snowed into thinking that the Toronto actually would have a chance to get an NFL franchise into Toronto and are now embarased to admit they were wrong. With everything the Argos are up against with the Anti CFL and pro NFL that Rogers has attempted to push on the city of Toronto.
I know people hate Rogers and do not want any part of them involved in the CFL.
Rogers would have just been better off buying the Argos and adding them to the pro sports enterprise along with the Blue Jays they may actually become a profitable enterprise for Rogers. They own the stadium in which the Argos play. The Argos banners could be hung at all times during all events and just the mention of the Argos on their many media outlets would create a lot more awareness of the Argos and it would not cost the Argos anything to do this because Rogers own all of these things.
If they would just set their ego aside they could actually have a successful pro sports franchise in the Argos

What bothers me is that the Bills are my 2nd favourite NFL team and I want to see them win (after the Vikes though) and really do well in Buffalo, have been to games there in the past and very much enjoyed it except for the games when I had idiot drunks beside me but that's a different issue.

This "Bills thingy in Toronto" is taking the shine and lustre off of the Bills for me and I don't like that as I say, I want to see them do well where they belong, in their own country and their own city/region in that country. Just gives me a bad taste in my mouth about the Bills this Toronto thingy. A shame really. They shouldn't have to sacrifice their soul for the almighty dollar in a foreign country, just isn't right.

The positive thing is that so many showed up to watch a team which is not Toronto's and was all but eliminated weeks ago.
The revenue from the Bills in Toronto in front of 40,770 would still be greater than in Buffalo this time of year playing in front of 60,000 plus. Why doesn't Rogers try to persuade another NFL team to play some home games in Toronto?

You could also say the largest football crowd (non Grey Cup) at the Rogers Centre in many years. No freebies, no $10 tickets, the fans paid an average of $125. The private suite sales generated a lot of money from the corporate sector and I know the advertising revenue for this game was through the roof. A lot of Canadian advertisers paying the big bucks to get their name on US TV. I'm sure that Rogers, the Bills and the NFL are very happy and would say that a 90% full stadium with the fans paying Double the NFL average price for tickets to watch a team with no affiliation to Toronto is a huge success.

I LOVE the CFL too but bashing the NFL won't stop it coming to Canada. The only thing that will stop the NFL coming to Toronto will be Torontonians fans rejecting it, and the advertisers and the corporate sector ignoring it. Just too many NFL fans in Toronto and not enough CFL fans in Toronto

The fans paid that amount? mikem, is that a joke?

[b]mikem wrote: bashing the NFL won't stop it coming to Canada. The only thing that will stop the NFL coming to Toronto will be Torontonians fans rejecting it, and the advertisers and the corporate sector ignoring it. Just too many NFL fans in Toronto and not enough CFL fans in Toronto[/b]
reiterating the same lines over and over for years does not make them true.