Observations / Pre-Season Game vs. MTL

I also think Brohm is superior to Masoli. Masoli reminds of Nealon Green.

I think at this point Brohom may be both superior to both Lefevous and Massoli. One he has a little more expereince than bot of them and two he is a little more like the current standard for a elite CFL QB.
Where it seems like once it was the Flutie, Allen, Ham, and a younger running Joseph there running rollout dual threat is what I thought about when I thought of a CFLs best QBs. Now you see the quick release pinpoint passing quick read QBs of Callivillo, Ray, and as of lately Lulay seems to be what the top teams have in place as there QBs.
Although there was always a mix back 70’s 80’s Dieter Brock then this era Hank Burris and more recent Darian Durant, whose issue is that he and his OCs are trying to make him a Callivillo and RAY instead of playing to his dual mobile threat that he is.
It is just the perception on what, at least I think of when I think of the CFL.
Whats Crazy the NFL is looking to do just the opposite.
It will be intersting to see how the next 5 years play out in the CFL will it continue to be bigger strong arm Brohoms. Reilly’s Lulays or will Lefevour follow a Durant becoming a dual option threat. Same in Toronto.
For the NFL the read option will go the way of the wildcat very quickly

Masoli is too short, D linemen are getting bigger.

But LOVED the sure tackling on the defense. Steinauer is doing a great job with the dbs.

Masoli and LeFevour have similiar skill sets. They run the zone-read-run option very well and are much better at it than Brohm. So what kind of QB do you want backing up Burris? Henry doesn't pull the ball on the read-run option enough to make it/him a legitimate threat, nor am I saying he should. I see Burris & Brohm being more similar with Henry being a little more athletic, but both being the more prototypical pocket passer with some escape ability. Masoli & LeFevour are very similar in styles.

So what kind of backup do you want? One more like Burris or a change of pace kind of player? Both kinds? Thats why i think they keep Brohm and one of the other two between LeFevour & Masoli & let's face it, LeFevour has the lead there.

Finally, who do you want to develop? I can see Austin favouring Brohm in a way since his style is much more similiar to his own back in his playing days. Then again I can see Kent salivating at the potential of a mouldable piece of clay like LeFevour.

Interesting choices and decisions especially considering it'll be unlikely to affect this year's team's success or failure.

And btw ... When Brohm didn't connect with Volcy on the deep "Go" route it wasn't because he over-threw him ... Volcy held up. That's on the receiver.

Keeping all three is an option and will most likely happen. IT will put most likely Masoli on the 9 game IR for the second season. Could be brought off if Burris goes down for a long period of time or god for bid the season.
A future move to have three QBs moving into the future of the Ti Cats with Austin inheriting a good one in Lefevour and going out and getting the two guys that he wanted Brohom and Masoli.

That's a definite possibility. The PR & IR is really and aggregate of the two with a certain clique aspect to it.

Keeping a 4th QB around may be more likely, than in most years, with the chance that our #1 or #2, depending on who they choose to protect, will be a RedBlack in December.

never got to see the game, but picked up a lot of info on this forum, good observations. My best highlight was Porter throwing for two td’s. Looks good on them should not have let him go.

And a pick and a sack (might as well be two). I like both LeFevour and Brohm better. Masoli also looked good. All three seemed to be making better reads, and Brohm has one of the quickest releases I've seen since Danny Mac - just has to work on his timing.

Or was that sarcasm?

It was just time for Porter to move on I still think he is a good QB with a good chance of now becoming the one who will need to fill the Big QB shoes in Montreal but will have a nice start to it if Montreal can continue with their system of being an O linemen factory.

Lefevour, Brohom, and Masoli all to appear to be all on track to become successful QBs in the CFL in one fashion or another. Up the road Harris and Collaros both also look to be very comfortable very quickly in their short not just CFL careers but also pro careers altogether. Brohom, Levevour, and Harris have a little more pro experience outside the CFL with the NFL, AFL, and UFL mix of experience all around 27 years old.
Masoli spent 2011 in the UFL while Callaros first pro season last year was with the Argos with both being a bit younger at 24 giving them a little more wiggle room to take a little more time to grow as 3 or in Masoli's case being a number 4 agai this season with some real game expereince in the short UFL 2011a year of patience and a new team with 3 more jobs could open up a roster spot somewhere for QB like him.

I thought Porter did a great job on second and short and goaline offense. Perhaps, the decision to let him go may come back to haunt Hamilton. However, in the meantime we have 3 backups in the current mix who could end up being a starter with this team when Henry Burris hangs up the cleats.

Steve, after all these years of suffering through not having a quarterbacking prospect, it's exciting and a relief to finally have the chance to talk that possibility for real.

If it's not, please don't wake me up!!!!

the pick was tipped at the line, hardly the guys fault.

Keep in mind, too, that Porter was playing with third-stringers instead of the second-stringers Neiswander had, and basically willed that offense into production since the Als weren't showing any of their actual playbook. Sticking with it and grinding out two TDs to make the game interesting earned my respect, anyway. I don't think he's a starter in this league but I feel pretty comfortable with him as the no. 2 "relief pitcher" option behind Calvillo.