Observations / Pre-Season Game vs. MTL

In no particular order …

Brian Brohm has the better arm. LeFevour is the better runner. Brohm struggled with the zone-read-run option but he definitely has the better arm. I think the QB depth chart will have Burris @ 1 and Brohm/LeFevour @ T2. It’ll all depend upon the situation and type of game if & when & who they go with.

RB starting role is still up in the air. Gable & Walker were both fine. I can see it being a platoon - running back by committee this year. (Btw … I don’t put the fumble on Gable, that was Brohm … wrong read)

Lamar Lindsey is not an option as RB. Returner only.

There’s a reason Colclough was a 2nd round draft choice for Pittsburgh. Dude is a player. There’s a reason he stuck around the NFL for a few years. Talented player. Could have a 2010 Markeith Knowlton like year. He played SAM & CB! Very talented & flexible player.

Onrea Jones locked down a starting job. He was Hamilton’s best receiver that dressed Thursday night. Again, there’s a reason why many NFL scouts & GM’s saw something in him to sign him & keep him around.

McCree outplayed Hilton & Ellingson (Tip of the hat Gerbear9!)

Charbonneau-Campeau played well as both a receiver & on specials. He’s grabbing that #1 NI backup receiver spot.

Lauther is worthy of a PR spot. Developing a good Canadian Kicker is always a good strategy for the future.

Rolle will be getting cut. Daly probably as well. The later may stick until the end of camp because he’s Canadian.

Hobbs & Brown were best of young DB’s

Webb has hands like feet! :lol: (Kidding of course) Dee is ball hawking & the interceptions will come. Get the kid some Cutter Gloves.

Harris outplayed Murray @ backup for SAM LB.

Le Marquand had a tough night. I don’t mind penalties when you’re being aggressive, especially when trying to make the team, (contacting the kicker & illegal block), but mental mistakes are inexcusable. Probably should be cut but may stick until the end because he’s a NI.

Return game will be fine with Lamar &/or Volcy (And Reinbold being aggressive in his schemes). Add in Jones & Giguere on kick-offs & things will be fine. (Look for Colclough to be the Punt Returner in pressure situations this year)

Quinton Porter outplayed Neumeister or NewEnglander or Neumann or whatever his name is. Good for him. Always like QP. Hope he locks down the #2 in MTL.

Did not see all of his carries but from what I saw Gable didn't look particularly special. No bad but not much more than average.

3 carries for 29 yards & 2 receptions for 48 yards is pretty good I think.

Sounds like I missed his best stuff, thanks.

By no means was the running game A+ or either of Walker's & Gable's performance earth shattering ... but it/they was/were good. And I honestly think it will be a running back by committee approach this season.

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Alright things learned by this pre-season game.

The QB pecking order hasn't changed, but Brohm showed he's certainly competent. Sorry Masoli, too many incompletions.

Simon Charbonneau-Campeau has probably made starter or first backup, as both solid special teams and offensive play.

Ricardo Colclough and Nate Bussey are both good, interceptions and just solid play. Tough choice to see who takes the gap left by Rey Williams but I favour Ricardo.

Lindsey Lamar has shown he has potential, but I'd still like to see other guys getting reps, not quite sold on him yet.

C.J. Gable and Justin Hilton are likely gone. Fumbles and penalties.

It appears we have a backup kicker Delbert Alvarado

Speaking of penalties, this is a fundamental Austin needs to get under control.

I disagree, Gable had plenty of time to secure the ball on that play.

Agree regarding QB's.

Yes ... SCC played very well & locked down a roster spot. #1 backup. Not sure starter. Don't think he displaces Fantuz or Giguere.

Colclough plays SAM ... not a replacement of Rey Williams. Bussey backs up at MLB & WILL. Both solid though agreed.

Lamar looks good.

Hilton might very well be gone. The fumble can't be pinned on Gable. That was the wrong read by Brohm.

Don't know if they'll carry an import kicker on a limited Practice Roster. They've seen he can kick. Get his home # in case.

Yep ... Penalties have to be addressed. I'm sure the coaches don't mind penalties while trying to make a play, but mental mistakes will drive Austin crazy.

Agreed. He had time to secure the ball but it was still the wrong read by Brohm. Anyways, he had 29 yards on 3 carries & 48 on 2 receptions ... he ain't getting cut on that.

I was watching Courtney Stephen #22 at safety, the top 2013 draft pick in camp. Good coverage early, but Drew Edwards (scratchingpost) noted that he wasn't on the bench in the second half. It was great meeting his parents, brother and sister at the Black and Gold game. We need a great Canadian safety, so bounce back Courtney.....

Oskee wee wee

this was only week 1 of preseason lets clamp the bolts down next week

I meant the 2012 CFL draft - too excited by Kent Austin's first win I guess.

Considering their lack of experience, I was actually impressed with both LeFevour and Brohm. There were a few times where Lefevour was a little too quick to scramble out of the pocket if his first read wasn't there, but that's too be expected from a young QB. There were two screen plays where he waited until just the right moment to throw the ball out to the running back. His stats look better if Hilton doesn't drop that TD pass. Brohm is obviously a different type of quarterback, you can see how strong his arm his. He makes sharp, deep throws look effortless. Had Volcy open down field for a TD, but needed to put a little more air under it.

On the defensive line, we have some depth on the inside. Davis, Marshall, and Hazime all stood out. At end, however, nobody impressed me and Shomari was useless there, but good on special teams, which is just about what I expected from him.

Colclough did look impressive, I'd be surprised if he isn't the starting SAM linebacker on June 28th.

Arthur Hobbs had nice coverage/pass break-up on a deep ball in the 1st quarter, then obviously had the INT.

Raymond Brown had a nice pass break-up but was also beat later in the game, would have been a touchdown if the receiver catches the ball/gets a little bit better of a throw from the QB

Neil King was an absolute stud on Special teams. Campeau looked very good on Specials as well, had a nice catch too.

Le Marquand had a rough game.

Overall, this game provided me with a little bit of comfort in the return game, the secondary, and at back-up quarterback, which were some question marks. The unfortunate part is that it backed up my worries at defensive end and in the receiving corps.

It was a pre-season game after all, though. I guess we'll see.

Yeah, he had a couple of key drops.

I wasn't overly impressed with Volcy either. He seemed a little hesitant.

LeFevour is the 2nd incarnation of Ken Hobart. Run first and ask questions later. If he can get his passing game on track he could be a dual threat.

True, but I'm thinking Onrea Jones and Bakari Grant might be sweating a bit. There's a big chance to use him to run more imports in the backfield/on the line as needed. Of course, he's locked down the #1 backup spot though.

Colclough plays SAM ... not a replacement of Rey Williams. Bussey backs up at MLB & WILL. Both solid though agreed.
Yes, I know, but with JJ moving positions a new start LB spot has opened up.
Lamar looks good.
Like I said, not quite yet sold on him. He's certainly shown more then the others IMO. Next pre-season game should display the heir apparent to pair with Chevy.
Hilton might very well be gone. The fumble can't be pinned on Gable. That was the wrong read by Brohm.
I would expect a tackle for short gain then, he had plenty of time to secure the football. Also on Hilton, 3/5 with an offside, and the 3 caught all for less then 10. Not exactly the kind of wow you need on an import spot.
Don't know if they'll carry an import kicker on a limited Practice Roster. They've seen he can kick. Get his home # in case.
I suppose this comes down to if Bartel has been working on his place kicking and Congi's punting ability. Stala I know is also trained as a kicker, but I doubt he's getting reps.
Yep ... Penalties have to be addressed. I'm sure the coaches don't mind penalties while trying to make a play, but mental mistakes will drive Austin crazy.
Yeah, like the contacting the kicker penalty, there's some leeway there, as with the no yards calls. The majority of the penalties though were offside and procedure calls, which is somewhat expected with over anxious rookies. It still doesn't change the fact they'll be doing hut drills in practice. Also, wth was up with that time count violation at the end of the game?

Lining up all three of there Canadian draft pick DBs at Safety appears that is the direction that the Cats will be going this season at for the long future at safety as it should be. In a Young mans game for the most part young Canadian DBs are just better at playing Safety a lot quicker than there import counterparts. Extra receiver and bigger field with more groumd to cover is something that theses kids are much more familiar with playing on the bigger fields for most of their life through the grass roots through HS and University.
I would much rather see a young Canadian Kid at Safety making big athletic plays and becoming an all star than an aging import DB who can no longer cover but now has the understanding of the much different safety position North of the Border

My thoughts on the Game.

First of all.

Too bad the next game is not on TV :slight_smile:

I loved the play selection on OFFENSE and formation on Defence. The team looked prepared with good positioning on both sides of the ball .
It was refreshing to see as us Ticats fans get used to seeing a lot of broken plays and poor play calls etc ..or players out of position .
I noticed some blitzing from the Defence and linebackers and Ends switching up spots with the Linebacker rushing and End fading back into coverage .
I also noticed that Bussey was always racing forward or back Unlike Williams who seemed always in no man’s land or out of position .
This team appears well coached with smart plays and great overall team speed .

This might not mean so much however , as this was a rookie head coach we were playing against with no real starters playing.
Their backups like ours look pretty good though .
I hope the guy that got hurt is OK

So, KUDOS to the entire coaching staff across the board on this one

I really liked LeFevour ..he looked great in every category and he sure can run too . He is primed to take over for Burris when Burris is ready to hang them up.
My feeling is the vets that did not play today or played today had better be ready to play or they could be out of a job ( I am thinking of players like Giguere, Stala , Simmons , Dile, Jamal and Markieth , Patrick , Peach, Shomari , Boudreau, Bulcke)

I have to say King had an incredible game . He was a beast on specials and played well on defence too. This guy just made the team you can book it .

I hope Harden still gets a look at Kick returner and RB as he has quite the resume and Volcy did not look very good . I anticipate we could see Volcy dropped and get a look at Harden and Lamar next game .

Lamar was very good at big plays but showed he can have some not so good runs and returns . He is a big play guy . Too small for RB though .

Brian Brohm was ok but he has no speed and sort of pre meditates his throws . He made at least 3 overthrows. I’d like to see him again .Masoli looks like he is very confident in his throws and does not tip off where he will throw as much . He has a bull like mentality and can run ..much like Buck Pearce .

I liked the look of Gable as he looks and plays like a thoroughbred …as most USC guys do. He can block as he has size, can run inside and out and picks his spots well . He can catch and looked good on specials . He does not have the big play capability of Chevon . I’d like to keep both . Jury is still out of Chevon but he had a few good plays.

Colclough really showed well tonight in coverage and tackling and an interception . I though Knowlton and Johnson played decent .

Bussey looked great . He has great speed and senses . I hope we keep him around . He could elevate to start at MLB . Rosamonda also got my attention with speed and aggressive play on specials and defence .

Onrea made a good catch or two ..good enough to keep his spot …

Ellingson has to be leading the race for CW’s receiver spot with McCree and Hilton behind him
I’d like to see more of these 3 ,.I think Volcy and Leong have dropped behind them . hmm if BROHM had not overthrown Volcy so much then things could have been different

Agreed . Charbonneau-Campeau played well as both a receiver & on specials. He's grabbing that #1 NI backup receiver spot.

Both kickers looked great . Lauther had great placed kicks and the American Alvarado Did well on 3 for 3 field goals and kickoffs .

I agree Daly will be cut

I Agree Hobbs & Brown were best of young DB's. I also liked PARKS ..Hobbs was the best and likely makes the team as a backup .

Webb had a great game

I can say neither Harris or Murray played much or showed much .

Le Marquand had a disaster night . Roughing the kicker , dropped passes , bad routes , bad block..

Did anyone notice they were really nailing PORTER . Singletary had a head to head shot that should have been a penalty.

I thought MARSHALL looked great at DT . He was all over the place but they might want more meat at that spot ( DAVIS, Moore )
I personally would keep Marshall over Davis but I am not the coach . I think Marshall played DE in College. If indeed he was a DE the might want to move him there .

I also really like what I saw from non import DT Hazime . He played with energy and created pass rush and he has size and speed and deflected a pass.

I like what I saw of Singletary . He really seems to see the game and read the play well . He plays smart and knows how to get to the QB and can chase an RB .

Sam Scott looks like he can run and create pass rush. Him and Singetary are not very thick though .

Obiora is a beast and lots of speed , strength and energy . Can tell he is a bit raw and can tell he was a rugby player.

Right now, I like these guys more than Peach and Boudreau

Torrey Davis showed some quickness from such a big guy.

Terrence Moore showed again that he gets his nose dirty and can create a pass rush in the middle. I see him as a lock at one DT spot.

The Qb’s were well protected most of the night except later on with Masoli and Lamar fooling around in the backfield . I am thinking those were the 3rd stringers
Figueroa looked great and could push Dile for a starting role.

I still don’t like what I see from Stepehenson on specials or blocking back ..Delahunt could emerge

There will be some good players let go .

I say Volcy, Le Marquand , Daly, Robinson , Ingersoll , Leong ,bucknor , Breaux, Rolle ,Murray, Filer, Rice are let go based on performance or better players at their positon

The battles to watch now are :

WR – Ellingson, ,McCree, Hilton ( prediction is Hilton loses )
QB 3RD- BROHM , Masoli ( Lefevour has # 2 ) ( prediction BROHM leaves )
RB – GABLE , LAMAR , ( Chevon has a spot ) ( Too tough to call as Lamar can be used as KR )
KR – LAMAR , Harden -
DE – Singletary , Scott, Obiora , Peach, Boudreau , Shomari( I like Obiora and Singletary as the 2 best DE’s )
DT - Davis , Marshall ( Moore has a spot )
LB – Bussey , Rosamonda, Harris , Lawrence ( Jamal , Colclough, Markeith likely have spots ) ( Bussey looks like he could start at MLB )
DB – Brown , Hobbs , Parks ( All 3 look good )
OT DILE , FIGUEROA ( Dile had problems last year ..still a tough one )


The first thing that Austin did was go out and get two quality QBs to come ing and compete. He knows Masoli from his Ole Miss connections and if he did not think he had what it takes he would have took a pass. Unlike a lot of people who seem to dismiss Masoli even though he has been very successful at some pretty high levels of football.
Brohom is a Passer and after a few BFL seasons wrong place at wrong time and the bouncing around can be maddening. Playing for free in the UFL last year to get at least a chance to work with a great NFL coach in Jim Fassel gives you the reasoning that he is very serious about being a QB in the CFL. Taking the route of many of the modern import players in his position who are left off of NFL rosters as last cuts come after about 3 or 4 years has use the modern multi media to keep on top of the CFL. A lot of players in this spot have found this out with the NFL Network first picking up games and now all are on ESPN3.
Austin has also inherited a good one in Lefevour so similar to coach Milanovich in Toronto has done a nice job in acquiring some potential starting CFL QBs as less for Harris and Calloras playing the the final game of 2012 all 5 haves really just gotten there first chance at actually getting some PT (Harris had a little last pre season) and all looked poised confident and comfortable in the game.
Aside from Harris all 4 played for NCAA DI schools so they are all used to playing at a high level. Harris got less time in the NFL then Brohom but both had some substancial time there. Both also played in the UFL and for all the UFL was not its rosters were filled with Qualit football players who played in the NFL, CFL, NCAA DI and they had the good fortune to get NFL coaches to coach them.
I liken these guys to Drew Willy and Bo Mitchel as well as they all want to be here in the CFL and were prepared before they arrived at camps

I was surprised by Brohm. He could develop into something special. He's got a great arm and seems to have good vision down the field. His decision making was quicker than what we were used to in a backup with somebody like Porter. Masoli is a little green but he showed some confidence out there. We've definitely got a good group of QBs at camp and under the tutoring of Austin and Burris these guys could develop nicely. The future looks promising. :thup:

Agreed you never know how the expansion draft will go down so keeping all three back ups may be very beneficial also who knows which team may be in desperate need of a potential starter in the very near future (winnipeg) having a couple of good back ups on hand could be possible with a more profitable team and a little more salary to pay out and a trade may once again be something that we may see with teams having two quality QBs.
Been hard to keep 2 in the SMS era as both would need to be paid or will walk first sign of free agent interest (reilly)