Observations from SkyDome

  1. I'll never call that stadium by its corporate name.

  2. The scalper I bought tickets from wanted $25 each. I said I wanted to pay $20 and he agreed. Then he asked me if I'm from Hamilton. He said he's plied his trade outside Ivor Wynne, and people from Hamilton never want to pay more than $20. Sounds about right.

  3. Interesting that SkyDome shows repeated replays on challenged calls (i.e.the Owens out-of-bounds catch). Maybe it's not a league policy, but a team-by-team policy. Gotta say, I like tha Argos' policy better than the Ticats. What do the Cats think will happen if they show fans the replays -- a riot will break out in the stands? A bunch of "boo's" maybe?

  4. However, the Argos lose points by refusing to show replays when the visiting team makes a good play. Perhaps they'd rather have the thousands of paying Hamilton fans stay home?

  5. It sounded vaguely dirty when the stadium announcer kept saying things like "Boyd takes it up the middle."

  6. Why do people enter that Kick to Win contest when they know they can barely get the ball off the ground? Of all the fan participation contests (long free-throw, long hockey shot, etc), a field goal contest is the one that you absolutely can't fake. Those guys are depriving an opportunity to people who actually stand a chance of success. (Yes, I'm bitter I didn't win again this year.)

  7. Since when did we lose confidence in Medlock's ability to kick FGs from 50 yards (in zero wind)? I'm glad those missed opportunities for points didn't come back to haunt us. He's certainly better at long FGs than he is at coffin corner punts.

8) It was great to see us outsmart O'Shea twice on special teams (fake punt and short kick-off). Took the sting out of the Argos' own fake punt.
  1. The Jumbotron (or whatever they call it now) spent a lot of time focused on #5, Mr. "Guaranteed Win" Kuale, towards the end of the game. That was kind of funny.

  2. That place sure looks empty for football games.

In response to #6, maybe the two who kicked tonight could actually kick well, but they choked because they've never had to do it in front of thousands of screaming fans watching their every move with the knowledge that they have the chance to win large prizes. That's probably more pressure than they're used to.

How much for a beer?

I'll add that the stadium announcer, whose last name happens to be Downer (very appropriate), sucks. He was constantly wrong on ball spots (that's the spotter's fault more than Downer's) and he kept getting names wrong. The worst being when he said "Glenn complete to Smith" when the pass went to Glenn MacKay. I can see how those names are similar. :roll:

It is disturbing when the ARgos are playing their cross town rival and the place is empty and the fans attending are getting tickets from scalpers for $20! Braley must be losing money big time.


Watching on tv, it sounded (and looked) like a Ti-Cat home game.

Yeah, and that's all you could hear...especially when hollared "Argos suck" and the alleged Argo fans could not even be heard to respond...

Must have been discouraging for the Argonots to run their mouths this past week and then come game time to look at the stands to find that the only fans to care are cheering for the visitors....

IWS beer is cheap! :wink:

Perhaps when they looked up the player number they missed it by one.

#14 Smith
#15 MacKay

I thought of that, and if it was the only mistake that the guy made all night, I wouldn't have bothered to comment. But it was mistakes galore. The guy just isn't very good, IMO

Re: # 3 The league changed the rule this year as the replay official is not in the stadium, fan responses to viewing the replay will not potentially influence the referee's decision to uphold or deny the challenge. They are showing these replays at IWS.

Re: #6 I think Wendy's is at least partly to blame. There should be a notice on the entry form that if you don't stand a chance you might wind up embarrassing yourself. Perhaps some arm chair QB's (or more rightly K's) think that they will be successful in the moment and pull off a Rocky kind of experience. Humans are the only animals that I know of that practice self-deception - it makes it easier to deal with the tough things in life.

Re: #7 I don't think it was a lack of confidence in Justin Money per se, I think the team was merely looking to pin the blew team deep, after all they had a big lead... Having said that JM really needs to hit the Geometry books, you know the parts about angles. :wink:

Are you sure?

Thought they weren't. At least not the last few games.

A silent SkyDome is scarey to all CFL fans. Maybe the full house in BC will help pay for the empty house in TO.

and the big question is, Catfish, how long is Braley going to continue to carry such a bad product in Toronto???

If Barker is kept on next season, then I guess the answer is forever????

This rule changed as of Labour Day, 2011, which now allows the stadium to show the replay while the call in under review. It was once thought that the crowd could influence the call, but, now that the calls are made from the command center, there is no possibility of this happening.

No reason to kick 50+ yarders with Owens back there, control of the game, and a punter that has shown he can place punt very well this year.

You would think that the Argos wouldn't dress their stadium staff in yellow T-Shirts with the Argo logo on it during a Ti-Cat game.

I decided to wait few days and let game sink in
I thought the game was rather Sloppy ..
where just lucky the Argos are Bad Team

We can't play that vs Montreal or Winnipeg or we don't win

What? So when I yell, "COME ON JAKE!" from my seat at IWS he isn't listening?

No, because he is wearing his tin foil hat. :wink: