Observations from Mcmahon

Wow what a game, and what a game to be at as a Rider fan. My voice was hoarse by the end of the first quarter from cheering.

Anyways I sat in section K which was predominantly Rider fans, with a few Stamps fans mixed in. It was very loud and we stood for most of the game. It must have also been surreal for the Stamps to get booed by a lot of the crowd when they were introduced.

The main chant of the section (other than the obvious go riders go) was Heeeennnnnnnnrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy, Heeeennnnnnnnnnnrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy....., especially after throwing pick after pick. It's great that he was still able to help the Riders out and help them make the West finals.

If I had to guess the stadium was 40% Rider fans, with the Rider fans making half the noise. Since I was in the main Rider fan section this is only my observation. I'm sure Red&White (and other Stamps fans) can give a different perspective from their section.

In the last 2 minutes I would say there was 80-90% of Rider fans in the stadium. A lot of Stamps fans left the game early, leaving a lot of empty seats in the middle sections.

I wish I could go to B.C. next week-end but I have prior committments.

Also some of the fans (Rider and Stamps) need a football tutorial. I saw at least twice both sets of fans cheering for a punted single, instead of being disappointed the ball wasn't within the 20 yard line.

Also some fans thought the Stamps could kick a field goal near the end and then do an onside kick to try and win the game with a td. Obviously not realizing that in the CFL the team has the option of taking the ball at the 35 yard line, therefore negating any chance of an onside recovery.

Thanks roughyfan.

The other thing I noticed was the amount of flags at the game. I saw only a few Stamps flags, while there must have been up to 40 or 50 Rider flags at the game.

yea on tv it looked like there were alot of rider flags, i wish i could have made it up, i had plans togo but i had to back out due to tonsilities, i was still gonna go up lol but i decided not to as i cant even swallow.

I was really surprised to see how many stamp fans were leaving with 3 minutes left.... we were on the top of section O, so I could see the footbridge over to the C-train station..... it was a constant stream of people leaving... don't they realize that with 3 mintues left, there can be 3 or 4 lead changes? I didn't really believe we won it until there were 4 seconds on the clock, cause there was no way to get a touchdown, and complete the short kick-off. Up till then, who knows....

Aw, I thought you meant "Observations from McMahon."

Yeah it's crazy. People leave early like that just about every game. I assume it happens in every stadium. I thought they would learn not to this season as at least 3 games have been won in the final few minutes.

Don't you think Calgary wished they had scored another single point when they found themselves down by nine in the last couple of minutes? I always cringe at coaches'contempt for the humble single - doing anything in their power to avoid grabbing one when available - given that a single can and does make a major difference in so many games.

That became a topic of conversation at our play-off party as well.
How could that many people leave a CFL game early?
Typical Calgary fans though. They don't know when the kick-off is, and apparently don't know when the game is over either.

Whats your point Arius? Just maybe those fans figured to beat the traffic as you know the traffic is much different then that say around Taylor field! And really whats it to you? They paid for their tickets they are entitled to what ever they decide. Thats go back to the Henry Sucks game when the Rider fans did a hasty retreat as well. Again who cares savor your win!

I think the point is, why leave a game that is still in doubt?
To beat the traffic? Really? You would leave a game that is still winnable just so you can get home 2 minutes earlier? You spent $100 and 3 hours of your precious time and now that extra couple of minutes will salvage your day?
I get to McMahon usually once a year, and win,lose or draw, I don't leave early, but somehow I and my friends never have any great difficulty with traffic after the game.
That has to be just about the lamest excuse ever for why people leave early. I mean, if you ask them, they will tell you that is why, but it doesn't make it less lame...

Sorry about the dig at Calgary fans though. It is an acknowledged fact that they arrive late for games, but I doubt they are any better or worse than other fans regarding leaving early.
I just don't understand why people do it, Calgarians or not....

Fans leaving earlier happens at every stadium. Personally, I am there from beginning to end, regardless of score.

I've never understood the reasoning behind leaving early but it's their perogative.

I think there are a number of reasons fans leave early. It happens everywhere. I think the biggest reason however is that the casual fan doesn't see the potential comback from relativley small defecits (7-15 pts).

There are of course those obsessed with beating traffic & those with small children who need to be put to bed, but i think those are in the minority of all those who split early.

Why in god's name would somebody pay for the full price of admission and leave a game early?

LMAO :lol: redwhite205 your funny :stuck_out_tongue: plz dont give us excuses! True fans stay to the end of a PLAYOFF game & thank there team regardless if they win or lose :stuck_out_tongue: and i didnt see any of that from the Calgary fans :expressionless: OK OK maybe 1 % of them did stay bravo to them :rockin: but the rest of them :oops:

Excuses what excuses this occurs in every stadium. Again I remember many rider fans leaving early in their many losses. Again it is up to the buyer of ticket. Yup lots of classless fans from the east big deal it is a football game. We will watch how many greenies leave in the next game. The game should be over by the half!

if it is over by the half, its because one team knows how to hold onto a lead in the playoffs...something the stamps need to learn.

IMO, I always thought it was pointless to wave a flag when you're at home. If you're the visiting team and you want to stand out then waving a flag sometimes does the job.

The fans who left early may have wanted to send a message to their team that they were disgusted with their performance.

The Stamps handed this one to the Riders as they did the year before to the Esks.

Five tunrovers? They're lucky they kept it as close as they did. If you can turn the ball over 5 times and still stay within reach what does that say about the Riders? Yikes!

Rider fans can thank Buris for all the screw ups. He handed this one to them.

.....seven turnovers.....