Observations from Camp

Hey guys, just thought I'd give you guys my quick run-down of some of the players that impressed and didn't at camp today.

First off, impressed to see more and more people and families show up each year. Huge turn-out today. Tough to pay attention to the practice sometimes with kids and thundersticks at a practice but RDS got me on camera taking down my notes like a scout :smiley:

Calvillo is number 1, come on, anyone who thought different is on crack :smiley: MAN he's trowing the ball some nice! EVERY pass was on the money and zipped in there! WOW! The strength conditioning must have done great this year.
Brady, although I like him (and last year thought he should have been 2nd behind Greene after day 1 too) didn't look bad, but didn't shine either.
Kingsbury on the other hand... NICE! He can throw nice tight balls and he's always on target, but likes to lob the ball up there sometimes. I have a feeling he might be our #2 surprise!

Edwards isn't messing around! He's playing great and showing his moves already. He's be #1. Cobourne.... not sold. He might get bumped by... Payton... NO!!! He actually didn't show much intensity today. He's like jogging around drills, not too worried... but he should! Perry is looking AMAZING! He cuts fast, catch great and very intense during each drill. Hope he makes the cut... and over Payton! HMizell is a joke, although he is a FB. But every year I ket more and more impressed with the play of Piercy. to think he's a FB too! Hamilton, not impressed either.

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooooooooon! WOW! guy is making spectacular catches even in day 1 of camp! What a guy! Tried to focus more on the RCs but there were so many WR and some without #s on the sheet, tough to follow from across a full football feild! But I did really get impressed with Bratton. Thurman and Newton stuck out a little. Stala and Diner nothing great. Watkins... was he even there :smiley:

OL: No idea, I mostly saw the DE go agains our OL vets.

DLine: WOW! we got some serious power and speed at DE! Stweart, Truluck, Acholonu and Kashama!!! Claybrooks was pretty strong too.

Well I thought it might be a big problem before the off-season but the talent we picked up is pretty sweet. It was hard to check on the LBs today but I got info instead. As expected, Mackey and Ellis are in the middle. Of course Strickland on the outside with... well from what I got with my conversation with Grace, he's here to play! Seems he'll be rotating with Taylor so that should give us 5 starting LBs :smiley: BTW: Boulay is playing SAFETY!

DBs: Well Boulay is playing safety (which he should) and we also have Proulx (looking like his backup) and Gallant too! The rest of the DBs. Well as usual, Sanchez takes it easy, and the others were hard to judge, same reason as the WRs.

So that's about it. Really impressed with Calvillo, Kingsbury, Perry, Piercy, and our DLine. Still worried about our DBs though. The only area we might need experience at. Hope you enjoyed the added info.


PS: rosters going to be updated RIGHT after the final cuts of camp!

THIS WAS A GREAT POST. Years ago when I lived in MONTREAL I used to attend the camp regularly. Keep up the good work.

Great post, Marty, thanks for the report.

Thanks Marty. You the man! Great Job!


Appreciate the report!!!

Thank you Marty for being our "eyes and ears". Great work.