Observations from 2 playoff games

I have noticed the following :

  1. Hamilton is not that far behind these teams and could beat any of them .
  2. Most of the teams bring more pressure on the QB's than the ticats
  3. There is better overall DB play
  4. More accurate QB 's

SASK really is on a roll as an overall team and may go all the way . They have a great receiving corps with Carter, Roosevelt, Grant , Holley, Bagg and Owens and Thigpen has been a great addition at RB and kick returner. Th riders defence and special teams have been excellent as well. I think Chris Jones has this team playing their best football right now and they should beat the Argos to get into the Grey Cup

Perhaps, but I wouldn't rule out any team that has Ray and Trestman.

Ironic, the two teams that seemed to be in complete disarray before the season started are in the Eastern Final.

But, it's like that old expression....

It's NOT how you start..but how you finish...

Yeah good point ..........But Ray is not that mobile and Argos db's are overmatched by the riders receiv

and they have all payed dividends ..Reilly is more mobile than Bo Levi and because of Reilly they will likely win the run game battle . Otherwise , the two teams are pretty close ..

I see Edmonton beating SASK in the Grey Cup in a close one. Reilly being the MVP

My message got cut off..I meant to say esks acquiring Chick and Gable from HAM and Grymes and Walker from NFL cuts should help Reilly to bring them the Cup this year . I think these players have put them over the stamps and Bowman's return sure helps.

Unless you start 0 and 8....

Even more ironic is the fact that these were the two worst teams record wise in the league last year . Be honest , who in their right mind would've predicted at the start of the season that one of these two would be in this years Grey Cup game , let alone the play-offs after both finished in the basement in their respective divisions with 5 - 13 W/L records in 2016 ? It just goes to show you that in this crazy league of ours it's a very short ride indeed from the basement to the penthouse and vice a versa from year to year. Yup a very thin line indeed......Gives me hope for our Cats to bounce back and into the play-offs in 2018 8)