Observation from watching old game

The other day I was watching an old game on ESPN Classic Canada between Hamilton and Edmonton and it struck me that we don’t see nearly as many long field goal attempts today.

In the segment I saw, Osbaldiston made two field goals of 50+ yards. Today, you could almost guarantee that they would punt to try and pin the other team back deep, and if the other team couldn’t go anywhere they’d go concede a safety.

Are today’s kickers just not as good as their predecessors? I don’t know.

Setta made the 53 yarder at the end of last year and you still 50 yarders every now and then but it seems that they don’t try them as much now.

I understand the logic behind doing that on some level, but it would be sort of exciting to see some of those more often.

An extra long field goal is difficult to cover.

A missed one often results in a long run back or a TD.

The field goal kicker protection unit has
too many bigger, slow footed players on it.

Also, rob35, the opposition now gets the ball way upfield
on the line of scrimmage you kicked the field goal from.

They used to scrimmage from the 20 yard line, I believe.

An extra long field goal is easy to cover when you make the kick.

Teams are rewarded too much for failing to run the ball out of the end zone by being allowed to scrimmage on their own 35 or the line of scrimmage that the kicking team had previously (if further out).

I think this encourages teams to give up the single rather than attempt a run back (which is always a much more exciting play for the fans). Perhaps the team conceding the single should have to kick off from their own 20? This would be a disincentive to conceding the single.

8) Can the receiving team not still punt the ball back out of the endzone to avoid giving up the single point on a wide field goal, as long as the ball has not gone over the dead ball line ???

The answer to your question is 'yes but', Tipper.

We are off topic here but, aside from late game situations
like the one discussed here about the 1961 Eastern Final.

teams would rather scrimmage the ball
from their own 35 yard line or better,

than attempt a dangerous punt on the fly
from somewhere back in their own end zone

merely to save a single point.

Even if successful, their opponent gets the ball
in excellent position in your own end of the field

with a strong possibility of easily scoring
a 3 point field goal, if not a 7 point TD.

8) Yes Ron, I agree. The only time you would want to try and punt it out of your endzone is when that single point could decide the fate of the game.
I was just pointing out that their is another option to conceding the single point, or trying to run the ball out of the endzone !!!

I can still see Joe Zuger back deep in the endzone booming out a punt to avoid giving up the single when the game was on the line.

Of course nobody could perform the good old quick kick  like Joe could either !!!  That was one of my favourite plays and we just don't see it done anymore at all !!!

That was one of my favourite plays

That was one of my favourite plays

Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!!!!! Of course, Joe's kicks were all low driving ones that would bounce forever and so he could frequently get 60 yards with the roll.

As an old Bomber fan the rivalry between us back then was really keen, now it's more of a slogan. You are so right; I admired Zuger for applying such distance on his punts in conditions so blustery that even hand-offs were a risk! Sometimes the position of the ball when released from the hand as compared to where it was during contact with the kicking foot was so great the play would be mistaken for a lateral!!

Thanks for that great memory jog as I loved the good ol' days.