Obscure QBs

I wonder how many Als' fans besides me (and you'd have to be an old geezer like me) to remember these obscure QBs from the Als' past:

Bubba Marriott
Vernon Cole
George Bork
Warren Raab
Carroll Williams

Wow! Did the city of Montreal have electricity and running water when these guys were playing?! I don’t mean to age you MadJack, but I remember as far back as Vince Ferragamo (cause I saw those games) and I know of Sam Etcheverry (from history and record books). I am guessing these guys were way before that.
While we are on the subject of obscure QBs; don’t forget that Eric Kresser has a Grey Cup ring! In fact, the Als have not won a Grey Cup since his departure. Coincidence?


Anyway, these guys don't go quite that far back. They post-date Etcheverry. After the botched trade of the Rifle, we tried to go with a Rose Bowl hero, Sandy Stephens, but that didn't work out. The fellows I listed all had shots at starting from 1963 to 1969. In 1969, Williams, who had taken over in 1967, lost his job to Sonny Wade.

Thanks for the info MadJack. It led me to reflect on obscure QBs a little more. When you think about it, a lot of QBs come and go from the CFL.
Eric Kresser is just one of them. I don't think many people will remember Tavares Bolden in a few years.
Remember that dissapointing 2001 season? If my memory is correct, when AC was injured, a guy named Dan Gonzalez started a handful of games; he was awful!
Does anyone remember Matt Lytle? He was actually on the Als staff in 2002 when they won the Grey Cup. He was a left hander. The only reason I remember the guy is because I attended the Als last game of the 2002 season at Molson Stadium. It was against the Renegades and since the Als had the East division won, Calvillo rested the whole afternoon. Tavares Bolden got the start. He injured himself early in the game (on the first series I beleive) and left the game. The third QB was Matt Lytle (Eric Kresser had started the season with the Als and was released during the season. When Bolden injured himself, the Als were thin at QB, so they rehired Kresser. That is why he has a Grey Cup ring...).
Anyway, Lytle dropped the football on his very first snap. Poor guy! No one (even himself) thought he would see the field. But with Bolden's injury and the fact that the Als could not risk injury to AC in a meaningless game, he got the call.
He basically spent the whole day throwing to Jeremaine Copeland. JC jumped up on many passes and made him look good because his passes often came up short. He was not a CFL caliber QB.
Does anyone know where he is now?

Bubba Marriott had the misfortune to replace Sam Etcheverry who was traded to Hamilton for Bernie Falony. AS you know Faloney led the Ticats in taking the Grey Cup the season right after the trade. Too bad for the Als .If Etcheverry would have gone to Hamilton then The Alouettes would have won the cup that year. According to Leo Cahill, who was assistant coach with the Als then, Etcheverry's arm was gone. This was evident in the final playoff game that Etcheverry played for the Als. He did have Dixon and Clarke in the backfield but in the first half of that game Etcheverry attempted very few passes. In the second half of that game Etcheverry tried to open up the game but was ineffective. With the NFL Cardinals, under Eagle Keys, Etcheverry barely completed a few short passes and proved he really was a washed up QB. A couple of seasons later Faloney did join the Als but it was in the last stages of his football life and the Als floundered. A younger Faloney would have ben a great Alouette QB.

He would have been if we'd gotten him first time; as it was, we traded a huge amount of players for him second time and it did not turn out so well.

Of the QBs I listed, for some reason Bork and Williams are the ones I remember the best.

Bork because of an unusual set they ran; he'd take snaps from centre, or he would drop back in shotgun, but the unusual one was where he'd line up behind centre, then start to drop back to shotgun, but as he was backing up the centre would snap the ball to him...while he's in motion. Was odd for the times.

Williams I recall because (a) he was our second black starting QB after Sandy Stephens (no, kiddies, Warren Moon was NOT the first); (b) he's the last one we had to suffer through before the arrival of the great Sonny Wade, and (c) he wore white shoes (waaay before Billy White Shoes Johnson).

Attention, MadJack!
I'm probably dreaming but I think I may get you on this one.
What was the unique environmental occurence on the night Sonny Wade made his debut, won the #1 QB job, and led to Carroll Williams being cut a week later?
Get it right and you win free tickets to listen to the latest motivational speech from Thyron Anderson.

You've got me danpel, that I do NOT recall.....and I'm glad, as the thought of attending a Thryon Anderson motivational speech strikes me with terror. Heck if I'd won I'd have asked to exchange my tickets for tickets to attend a Ted White weight-loss clinic.

All I can distinctly recall (I was all of 13 at the time) is that Wade replaced Williams and did very well right off the bat, so Williams was released; I can recall our coach of the time, O.K. Dalton, being interviewed and saying that he had to make the move, even though he still believed that Carroll Williams was a "real fine football player". Williams spent some time on the bench in Winnipeg and B.C. after that, but was basically never heard of again.

With the TiCats up 22-15 in the fourth quarter, there was a power failure and the lights went out. The Commish (whom I certain was Jake Gaudaur) was contacted, and ruled the game had to be completed in its etirety.
Wade, making his first appearance, threw the game-tying TD pass in total drakness, and the rest is history.
Williams was gone the following week.