Objectionable conduct

In the Winnipeg/Hamilton game last night there was a flag thrown for Objectionable Conduct.

This is the first season I've followed the CFL, and I've never followed the NFL since I was a kid so I don't know (nor do I care) if the NFL has anything equivelant, but I thought that was a hilarious foul!

The flag was thrown when a player bounced the football off another player's helmet after a play. It was pretty funny.

What's the purpose of this foul? I've never heard of it before. Is it common?

It's basically unsportsmanlike conduct.

In this particular instance almost everyone agrees that the officials messed that call up. If Banks had deliberately tossed that football at the defender yes it totally should be flagged but that was completely unintentional.

You will hear different names for some penalties that are essentially the same. CFL does not have encroachment, but if you do encroach you will just be called offside. When you hear illegal procedure, that is the same as false start, etc.


Objectionable conduct would usually translate to unsportsmanlike conduct in the NFL, but there is a "second tier" of unsportsmanlike conduct, where it's bad enough that the player gets ejected. That one is a 25 yard penalty and can also be used for unnecessary roughness.

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First of all the refs was a moron....I will get to that in a second

The penalty can also be called as taunting.
Its is usually called when a player spikes the ball and it then hits an opposing player. Or when an offensive player after a big play either hands the ball or flips the ball to the defense kinda implying Here want the ball? You can have it now!

Now the reason the ref is a moron is because after the play. Banks, waved the ball in the air to get the refs attention and flipped it to the ref but a Wpg player stepped in front and the ball hit him!

The ref, who was standing there with his arms outstretched to catch the ball then threw a flag for un-sportsman like conduct.

Banks got your attention, you held out your arms to catch the ball so you knew he was throwing it to you! WTF?


Hang on....if after a spike the ball hits someone unintentionally it should be a penalty, but not during a toss to the ref? No one is saying it was intentional, but he's got to be in control of the ball there, and I think he realised as soon as the ball left his hands.

Does anyone have a replay of this?

thats a point

Another example is when after a play a player extends their arms in gesture, and accidentially hit an opposing player/ref, they are also penalized.

NO it should not be You dont need to spike the ball So now players are going to try to get hit by the ball on a flip to the ref? Should the offence just drop the ball to the ground to be sure and have the ref pick it up?

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I have never seen a flag for that

most of the time the ref will not call it, but they can

Considering we don't even see lastnights situation very often, you're taking quite the leap there.

Never seen them call it Show me that in the rule book

It has happened, I don't remember the game though.

What leap?
Players don't fake to draw flags?

OK, then the Devil's adv for what you're saying is now players will always try to toss the ball towards a ref, but hit opposing players?
See how silly that sounds?

No I am saying that if I amon defense and the offence is flipping the ball to the ref, I will step in front and let it hit me

Why would I try to hit to and draw a flag? See how silly that sounds?

And if the ref thinks you did that on purpose, maybe he gives you the penalty?

ANd if he sees Banks waving the ball to get his attention, and he is standing there with outstretched hands to catch it and if he thinks Banks did it on purpose the ref is an idiot

Bottom line, it was a nothing play.

If that is the worst controversy from game 1, that is a success.