O'Billovich Staying on One More Season

Sun columnist Steve Simmons reports that "Obie," although he didn't want to be working in his 70's, plans to stay on for one more season: (middle of section titled "And Another Thing"):

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/2010/10/17/15720451.html]http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/ ... 20451.html[/url]

I maybe should have pointed out that the above is not necessarily news, but rather a confirmation of his plans to honour the contract extension he agreed to in April. It also called for both he and the team to have an option for extending it to include 2012.

I wonder who we might appoint as his successor. Danny McManus... is he ready? Dennis Polian... would he come back from the NFL?

Some of the rumours have been out there for a while that Marcel would succeed Obie and then someone (possibly Marshall) would be promoted to HC. I don't remember where I first heard this rumour, but this has been floated out there.

I don't expect Marshall to around here when that time comes.

Unless he goes to Edmonton, why wouldn’t he be?

8) Rumours are floating around that when Eric Tillman fires the existing coaching staff at the end of this season,
 there is a good chance he may hire Marshall as his new HC.

 If that indeed does happen, look for Richie Hall to become the TiCats new DC.

IMHO, Marcel would NOT be a good choice to replace Obie. The GM job requires solid US connections. Marshall would be a great choice to replace Marcel though. I believe Marshall will be the HC somewhere in this league before HAM gives him that chance.

Well, one needs someone in the front office to be that "US connection" person. If the front office is structured to have a fulltime director of player personnel, that individual can be that go-to person rather than the GM. If you want to look at examples of thiis, Neil Lumsden (GM) was allied with Mike McCarthy during the 1990s for the Cats, Wally Buono (GM) with Roy Shivers in Calgary (early 1990s) and later Obie in BC...etc. It's not essential that the GM has the US pipeline, but it does help.

In short, the scouting department needs the US-evaluation/connection expertise. You get a GM with that kind of pedigree, that's a huge bonus. The GM ideally has a good handle on the league and an understanding of the ratio both in recruitment and roster management terms.

It's more important to get the "successor" GM hire right than simply trying to create an opening for Marshall to assume the HC duties. We shall see who will step into that position in due course.

Oski Wee Wee,


A P.S. to the last post:

A newly-minted GM can rise from the coaching ranks and do well precisely because the HC position develops those skills -- developing a knowledge of the league and an understanding of the ratio both in recruitment and roster management terms -- in worthy candidates.

Oski Wee Wee,


Adam Rita would be available.

You can only wish that we would be stupid enough to take him off your hands!

For what?

If this is the case, I wonder if Roy Shivers or Mike McCarthy would be available for the job. Unless they have plans for Mr. McManus to take over.....

I guess we'll never know until it happens.