O'Billovic likely our GM

So Scott Mitchell got permission to talk to O'Billovich and Obie said Hamilton would be one of the places he would go to GM.

I would be surprised if anyone else was our GM next year.

Don't be too sure. I hope Management is reading these threads. If Scott Mitchell has any brains ( I assume he does) - he will not make the same mistake as Desjardins. If you recall, Marcel was quoted early that his top choice for Coach was Charlie Taffe. YES, there were some other candidates for the job, who were given a looksee. But that was just to make it look like there REALY was some competition. I doubt they were given enough time to down their coffee.
We all know what happened to that experiment. Now, OB looks like a SLAM DUNK! -
Look here - I like Obie as GM, and think he is a good fit. But for Gods' sake, get other candidates in there, and give everyone a chance to prove he is the one we need. Then make the decision.
Who knows - there just may be someone out there, who is as qualified as Obie, but maybe 10-15 years younger?
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Eagle wrote:"…give everyone a chance to prove he is the one we need. Then make the decision."

I think those available for the GM job have plenty on the record already to prove they can do the job. They are also well known to Mitchell. So it will all boil down to who they can get along with best.
Maybe Taman (fits your younger category) is not available so Obie is the only one on the list they are interested in.
And who knows how many off-the-record phone calls have already been made in preparation for the “official” phone call?
8 days to go.

do u have a link?

i wouldn't be so quick to put obie in as the new gm just yet. i'm sure agent gil scott-who represents both rita and taman, and who is tight with SM, will have something to do with that. stay tuned,
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I don't Trust Rita
Taman IMO should stay in the Peg.

Obie is best Choice

onknight, i hate to burst your bubble but i think charlie is as good as gone. seeing as how its such a small community of coaches and gms,each candidate
probably has his own guy waiting in the wings. for charlie to stay, it has to be jim popp as gm, that ain't gonna happen.its just the way it goes and because SM is giving the new gm carte blanche, he will do whatever he feels he is comfortable with. i don't think obie would want to work with someone if he's not sure if the guy has his back-rita as well.
furthermore, its already been said that adam would bring buratto, and i think BT would bring marshall.
thats just the way i see it going. charlie has probably been working the phones since the gardens got fired.

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Who would Obie bring? How many qualified head coaches are available?

I would bet Obie would keep Taaffe in place, but probably have someone in mind who will be available to step in for 2009 if the Cats don't improve significantly next year.

Here are my Thoughts.
Charlie kept this team Together last year.
Our players have one year in his system
if The Ticats blow it up and start over
Well be even worse maybe 1 or 2 wins.
Then Mitchel will be gone.

Then where do we go ?
I think We need a Few Peaces a DT a Few CB & WR.

We do that who know we could win the east.

Ti cats O is almost set . with other top draft choice's -to fill O line and receiver gaps.- Offence playbook, Defence secondary and Special team's play need work, IMHO Obie as GM should be involved in these areas. If Taaffe doesn't like it give him the boot.