Obie's comments on release of Leak

Just finished watching Day 7 clips of Training Camp on Ticats TV (on TC website). Obie was asked about the release of Leak. He said it was because Leak got some offers to finish off the season down in the Arena League. As he was already behind in training camp and looking at minimal playing time, it was a mutual agreement between Obie, Leak and his agent to release him so he could have the opportunity for more playing time elsewhere. He said we may see Leak again in the future (which makes me assume we still have his rights).

IMHO, a classy move by Obie, using good reason, putting the needs of a player first.

Thanks for that, Catsfan. The mystery has been resolved for me. LOL :wink:

I wish Leak well. Maybe down the road he will hook up with the Cats again.

Oski Wee Wee,

Does that mean certain people won't be able to blame Bob, or Ron, Stripes, etc? the caller on the 5th quarter last year who blamed the Ticats failures on Lesley Stewart!

Don't forget that they also blamed Jason Farr in the same breath!!!!

I wouldn't blame anything on Lesley, she can do whatever she wants!!!!!!!!!!

Great information, now we know it was not his ego!!!

Whatever, as far as I'm concerned he blew his chance in this league.

He was here one day then magically he gets all these offers from the parking lot football league? He knew about all thse offers and just wasted everyones time.

How far can Leak throw the ball? There was doubt in his arm strength, maybe he just cant throw far enough for CFL standards. Arena league would be a good choice for him if the long ball is a weakness for him.
Plus when asked what he brings to the cats he said 'winning'. I think you need more skills than that. Unless he won that national Championship by himself.
I think by bringing him in for a couple of days Obie was sending a message to the other contending QBs that there is always someone else ready to take their place.
I like Printers, Williams and Chang and wish them the best(Chang needs development and will be a force in this league if he gets it). Williams is cool under pressure and develops and sustains drives, I think the way he plays in game situations he deserves to stay with the team, while Printers hopefully will be our man for years to come, oops I think I got off topic.See ya later Leaky boy.