Obie's Big Challenge

December 05, 2007



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Bob O’Billovich wants to take
the Hamilton Tiger-Cats back in time.

The former B.C. Lions player-personnel director
took over as G.M. of the Ticats on Wednesday

with visions of restoring a franchise
that once dominated the CFL

with tough, rugged play

  • especially on defence.

“This franchise has always had a history
of hard-nosed, tough football teams,”

O’Billovich said.

"I think you need tough guys to win with

and guys who can compete, guys
who can play when they’re hurt.

"We’ve got a lot of work to do
but my thought has always been

that I wanted an aggressive football team
that played the entire 60 minutes

and that’s what we’re going to be striving for."





He didn't get stupid overnight
What a great line.

I wasn’t sure O’Billovich was the right choice. But after reading that, I am more confident in that he is.




Cat Chat with Ken Peters

December 05, 2007

Oh, Say Can You See.

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Obie wants discipline

and there was little on display last season.

Canadians? Forget it.

Obie says the Cats will start
the requisite seven Canadians

but if an American is going to make the club

he better be good enough to start.

Forget about the days the Cats
started nine or 10 Canadians.

It's not going to happen.

B.C. started just two Canadians
on defence last season.

It looks like some of these guys
will be trade bait for Obie,

Jermaine Reid, Clinton Wayne

also these guys got some starts last year.

Sandy Beveridge,
Ray Mariuz,
Richard Karikari,
Phil Gauthier,
Mike Roberts

and Kenny suggests, even
Nautyn McKay-Loescher.

and what about these guys
who didn't get any starts?

J.P. Bekasiak, Nick Kordic,
Sasha Glavic, Jason Nedd

The guy is one of the best football minds in the CFL but his window is small.

If you read between the lines.

-Printers is a good QB but won't play hurt.
gives you a chance to win but Obi is not going to put all his marbles in Printers Jock.

He wants a soldid #2 guy that spells the arrival of Jarius Jackson.

The #3 guy will be one of Chang, Williams and the two guy Obi will bring in to camp.

I see a whole lot of imports being recruited or traded in on defense. Tough guys with a mean streak mostly.

Taafe gets to keep his job if he allows Obi to bring in some new Coordinators and assistants. If Taafe is attached to his coaching staff bye bye.

So when Obi says a bunch of things have to go well.

Jarius has to sign

Experinced assistants have to be willing to join. (Bellefeuille and Jones will be courted heavy if they leave MTL) Chapdelaine and Strasser will be called also me thinks.

FA or trades will have to be made to get the Tom Canada's and experienced defense players he wants "immediately" cause he'll get one or two quality guys out of the US disgarded lot at the most. A tough challenge in this day of SMS.

All this HAS to happen for Obi to look smart :slight_smile:



May the force of one extra letter be with you. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee for Obie,

Good post HfxTC.

2 or 3 quality imports will come out of Training Camp

We have seen the last of recruits arriving weekly.

Can anybody suggest some trades using
some of the trade bait that I suggested?

Hfx, Jackson is garbage, forget about bringing him in here, the guy doesn't read defences and is only good when his primary guy is wideopen and even when he is open JJ will miss him a lot of times with bad throws, the talent BC had made him look 100 times better than he is.

I wouldn't say that Jackson is garbage; he did win a lot of games this season.

But I wouldn't say he's great, either; witness his 3 for 12 with two interceptions performance in the western final.

In any event, I do not see him as any major upgrade over Williams.

He's a solid #2...I'm going by what BO said.

For #3 QB to go what 9-1...or 8-2 is great stuff. He's big, young and healthy, will only improve.

Hmm B.O I hope that dosen't become his nickname...

The only trade baits on a 3-15 team is your draft picks... I thik OB will keep the #1 pick but the rest this year anyay are for sale to the highest bidder.

Yes but is he that much better than Williams that would justify paying him a fairly decent salary to sit on the bench when you know that Printers is going to get the lion's share of the work?

I don't think so, the money would be better spent on some new receivers and defensive backs; I would be quite content with Williams as the backup and the needs at receiver and in the secondary should get priority.

Am I the only one who thinks it sounds like Taaffe is finished?

BC wont let Jackson go.

The only Canadian who you mentioned who would attract interest from other teams in a potential trade would be McKay, but we would be insane to trade him. He and Moreno are the cornerstones of our D.

Peters relayed that Obie will only start the required seven Canadians which I think is a good idea

But shouldn't this decision ultimately be up to the Head Coach?

the GM gets the players in town, the coach decides which ones start, no?

I think may Obie is looking at seven starting Canadians at certain postions as a base number on the roster. Then it is up to him to find imports to fill the remaining positions for the coach to field a team at that ratio.