Obie's 2nd year

It only requires a handful of player changes
once you have a nucleus of decent players.

I believe that is where Bob O'billovich is at now

in his 2nd year heading our football operations team

Last year his trades for Chris Thompson
and Markeith Knowlton paid off handsomely.

He recruited import receivers, Prechae
Rodriguez and signed Chris Davis

His trade for Dan Goodspeed
should pay off this year for us.

He made marvelous free agent pick-ups
Otis Floyd, Alex Gauthier and Dave Stala.

He brought in Marquay Mc Daniel at receiver

He and Marcel Bellefeuille brought in two new co-ordinators,
Mike Gibson and Greg Marshall to these players up to speed.

not too shabby!

We are in good hands with Obie and
the players and coaches he recruited.

Have faith success will come
sooner rather than later.

One day, we will be consistent winners like Wally and Obie's
Calgary Stampeders in the '90s, and the B.C. Lions recently.

We will be 'tweaking' our roster a bit every year,

letting a few older starters go, adding new starters
and adding few development players for the future.


The task of building a winning team has been
much more difficult for Bob Young's Tiger Cats

than it usually is for CFL teams.


We started off behind the eight ball.

[i]For the 5 years before Bob Young bought the team

We had too many 2nd rate, mediocre players.[/i]

If you have too many mediocre players
from the bottom to the top of the roster

you have to find and sign far superior players
whether it's lot of player changes or not.

until you get two whole new sets of players
for your Offensive and Defensive units.

Meanwhile the coaches have to get them
to perform as a smooth functioning unit.

Sheesh! This is difficult!

Mr Young came on board willing to spend money in 2005.

We all know the football operations people
have done a lot of things wrong since then

but, the task of re-building the team
that Bob was handed, into a winner,

is far more enormous than people realize

and the points I list below didn't help.

  1. [i]General Managers Ron Lancaster and Rob Katz
    were not up to the task of providing the players

to re-vamp this collection of players
into a decently successful team.[/i]

In retrospect, Greg Marshall with Danny Mc Manus
and a few veterans delivered a play off team to us.

Rob Katz fired him but not before saddling Charlie Taaffe
with the surly, lame armed quarterback Jason Maas

and a bunch of 'name players' past their 'best before' date

  1. Marcel Desjardin tore apart the 2005 year's 8-9-1 play off team
    and airlifted in non CFL-ready 2nd rate imports all season.

Charlie was given the impossible task

of inserting into his line-up one of
these players almost every week.

But even though these things occured during the Bob Young regime
it's history and irrelevant to the coaches and players on today's team.


A little history...

At the start of the Grant/ Mc Donald ownership era
we got in the Grey Cup in 1998 and won it in 1999.

Grant and Mc Donald spent money.

In 1998, they brought in free agents
Danny Mc Manus and Darren Flutie

[i]Grant and Mc Donald didn't build on that championship team
making a few changes to improve the team and do well again.

Grant and Mc Donald LACKED THE MONEY TO DO THAT!!!

The foundation which that 1999 title team was built on
was quickly destroyed by players leaving in free agency.[/i]

We lost starters like Joe Montford, Orlando Steinhauer
and Gerry Vaughn and up-and-comers like Clifford Ivory

because we couldn't keep current with the pay scale.

We replaced top notch veteran CFLers
with 2nd rate CFL cuts or mediocre recruits.

Within two years after that Grey Cup win,
it was a miracle that we could compete all.

It was the same in 2002 and in 2003 and in 2004
when, I hear, Ron Lancaster didn't even get paid.

You read like a handler who is getting his candidate ready for some fallout ?

This season is year 2, OB was hired in preparation of the 2008 season. he's had two full off season to work his "magic"
He chose his coach
He chose his scouts
He chose the draft picks even robbed next year's draft to pick Carlson
He chose his Free Agents

Give it half a season and then we'll see if there has been an improvement. There has to be a measurable improvement, this team cannot be a 3-15 team again and still claim that OB is doing a wonderful job. What is even more complicated for him and the organisation is that the Argos up the road with a similar record last season and similar course of action are a measuring stick...
It takes 1000 right things to make a business go, it only takes one or two mistakes to kill it.

Scoreboard and standings will tell the tale.

You mention the good, which I really like but you also have to include some of the bad moves that he made.

-Moreno/Canada trade
-not signing Corey Mace
-not improving the d-line for this year

I am sorry but you have to give us the full picture of Obie. For every good move he has made, he has also made some bad moves.

I love Obie and he will build a winning team but you can't pull the wool over peoples eyes and only mention the good that he does.

You forgot

Chris Leak
Mike Giffen

This year we'll know if he can scout import talent as well as he claims and if giving the HC job to Bellefeuille was the right decisions. The results of those two things IMO will decide everything.

3 sacks and consistent pressure is not an improvement of the D-Line?

You must have been watching a different game then me. The dline showed spurts of pressure but it was far from consistent. Joseph had all day to sit back and pick us apart. Although Joseph had just over 200 yards passing, they Argos also ran all over us.

Sacks are always a misused stat. Were these sacks legitimate beats on the oline or were they coverage sacks or did someone on the online blow an assignment or who got the sacks? I believe Adams got at least one sack and he plays DT. You need your DEs to get the sacks. The DTs are really there to force the pocket back.

The dline still needs lots of work. We are not quick enough off of the ball.

I think you're right about the Moreno trade, that was a total bust/bungle, but the other two I'd disagree: it turns out Mace has an over-inflated idea of his value to a football team and is basically impossible to sign, he's a me-first player and in a salary cap league a GM can't buckle to every self-important player's whim. I would also doubt how much of a positive attitude he'd bring if he ever swallows his pride and signs for the reasonable amount Obie was offering, so I suspect he's basically poisoned the well of his CFL career.

As far as the D-line goes, did the Cats have any games last year with 4 of them? From what I saw of the opener, aside from the first quarter, the new dline looked improved over last year's, they were consistently collapsing the pocket as a group and getting pressure for the most part. Last year's you could tell that they just didn't have the physical ability. These guys look like they have the ability, they just need the coaching and the experience to eliminate the mental mistakes. And yes, Kirk might be the weak link, but if him starting means they can start 3 import LBs, then I'm all for that.

You also shouldn't forget that Joseph is a very difficult quarterback to sack due to his mobility and the Argo O-line saw major turnover this season.

The run game was not entirely on the d-line, as most of the big gains were to the outside where the Linebackers are supposed to pick them up.

Perhaps we were watching different games? I was moderately impressed with the defensive line's performance.

Don't get me wrong, the dline played a lot better than what we had last year but when we play a true powerhouse in this league, we will eaten alive. Can we improve during the season? Yes but I just don't think we have the personnel to do it this year.

We have been doing the same thing for the last 3 years. Finding Americans who were half descent in college and throwing them in up here. We have failed miserably. I was excited when we signed Guillory who has CFL experience but then we cut him.

The Dline is very important to the run game. If you DEs get off the ball quick enough, the RBs have to cut it up back in side. The DEs in the running game are meant to contain the outside and force everything in to the middle for the DTs and MBs. If the RBs are getting outside, then the DEs aren't getting up the field fast enough.

Our dline isn't very good. We showed good spurts of consistency but we are far off from becoming a good unit.

Regarding the fact that I didn't mention Obie's mistakes.

The decisions Obie has made, good and bad,
so far, imo, have improved the team a lot

Out of the dozens of decisions Obie makes daily,
all of them can't turn out to have perfect results.

Humans are not infallible.

Some decisions Obie has made may be mistakes
but, the main thing is, the team is on the right track.

How many tackles does an average DE have in a season? I think, that while important, the D-Line wasn't the reason for us getting killed by the run this week. The LBs really dropped the ball on the run game, their sloppy tackling/poor positioning lead short gains to become weak gains.

Having said that, I DID notice that the tackle on the right side (Murphy?) was getting outside the end and picking up knowlton on a few of those runs. So I agree, contain needs to get better but our LBs need to stay focused as well. A mix of both problems lead to long gains.

Also: Tisdale :?

Have to agree. The LBs were non existent. Our safeties and DBs shouldn't be making all of the tackles.

To be honest, I have not been overly impressed with Otis Floyd.

I'm neither impressed or unimpressed with his play. To me, Otis Floyd was a non-factor on wednesday in terms of his performance.

His lack of discipline, however, kills me. That unnecessary roughness penalty basically gave Toronto 7 points in the first and started that first quarter onslaught.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Hilarious how they always miss Rob Murphy roughing though. Oh wait, it wasn't funny.

Aside from the first quarter(where our whole team played horrible) the D-Line played head and shoulders better than last year's group.. Most of the deep passes were out of the box meaning the QB scrambled and made a play down field. Now if a QB is forced to scramble to make a play our D-line is doing their job.. It is up to the linebackers or sometimes even a corner(depends on the coverage) to get further pressure on the QB. As for those big rushes they were solely due to the lack of secondary support and more importantly the linebackers.

You must remember there is only so much our front 4(sometimes 3) can do on a play when they are out manned and some are double teamed EVERY single down.. It is up to the linebackers to help these guys out, and last game they left the D-Line out to dry all game long!

Now I love everything about Otis Floyd, but he played terrible last game if you watch the game or even the highlights again you will notice that almost all of Toronto's big rushes were because Otis either didn't get to the gap in time or just flat out missed the tackles...

Now I fully expect Floyd to come out this week and play his A$$ off because he knows he messed up that game better than any of us. I can't wait to see him throwing his old teammates around out there Friday!

Also with the addition of Jamall Johnson to our linebacking corps I think we will have a strong outing on friday from the front 7...