Obie's 2012 Draft Mistake [rant]

Yes, I know more than Obie. [sarcasm]

In giving up the third spot by trading down to the 8th Obie effectively traded an starting OLineman for a special teamer.

Before the eighth selection (what became our first pick) three hoggies were selected: Tyson Pencer (Winnipeg - at camp) Austin Pasztor (Edmonton - at Vikings camp) and Kirby Fabien (CIS).

With our first pick Obie selected a DB who was known to be staying in the NCAA this year. Courtney Stephen will be a good player but would probably have been around later.

Frederic Plesius (acquired with the extra Winnipeg pick) may be an imposing specimen but unless the TiCats start a n/i at linebacker he'll never be more than a special teamer. It's not Obie's fault the guy decided to stay in the CIS for another year in hopes of making a NFL practice roster next year.

IMHO (and others) key to success in the CFL is as many n/i olinemen as possible. The main reason we're in ratio trouble right now and considering sitting the 2010 Defensive Player of the Year is we've only got three Canucks on the oline.

Perhaps Moe Petrus doesn't make the Buccaneers and is in the Hammer by Labour Day. However, even if that happens it won't make the TiCats deep at a traditionally n/i position.

The mistake was trading our number three spot for what's most likely going to be a back up linebacker for special teams. There are plenty of those guys in the CIS. Unless Tillsonburg native Austin Pasztor makes the Vikings he'll be a stand out at Tackle for Edmonton.


Austin Pasztor will be a stand out at tackle for the Eskimos just like Stephen will be a stand out at Safety for us. Also, if Emry can start in Montreal, Labbe/Muamba can start in Winnipeg, and Eiben can start for all those years in Toronto, Who's to say that Plesius can't eventually be a starter?

Whatever happened to Justin Glover. He was an OUA allstar that played centre and guard. He was a late cut last year in Saskatchewan training camp?

True, but what's easier to find n/i olinemen or linebackers? My point is load up the oline with n/i first then take advantage of opportunities like Plesius when they come around. You have to have n/i in the oline so by necessity will have reserves. One starting linebacker necessitates having another in case of injury.

Fair point, but I get the feeling they were expecting to get Petrus this year, which would have improved the depth on the interior. If you want Pasztor to play one of the tackles, then you also need to find a back up for him, which isn't necessarily easy. The two teams that were in the Grey Cup last year, BC and Winnipeg, both used import tackles on the left and right sides.

I was hoping we would draft a player that we could potentially groom as a future RT, but i have no problems with what we ended up getting in this past draft.

The olinesmen are essential. Linebackers are like receivers.

Even if Petrus reported for camp we still need depth on the oline. This was not the year to pass on one of the top olinemen in the draft. Getting to four starters should be the goal - five is bonus.

I believe using the RG as the back-up RT works well.

Hopefully Hinds can start the year so the ratio won't be a problem.