I'm tired of bashing Taafe lets look at the impact Obie has had on the team. Last season we had no pass rush and a poor secondary mixed in with a suspect coordinator. Our o-line could not convert short yardage and provided very little pass protection. Our special teams where below average and could never return a punt of kick off for a touch down. This season see above, nothing has changed! Here's a thought Obie since you are doing squat as a GM why not fire Taafe and try your hand at coaching. Then and only then you might figure how bad we could use a few quality players on both sides of the ball.

Maybe one of the reasons, and I read this in the paper, is that the cats have a lot of new players, that were cuts from other teams, and that they need to get familiar with the plays and each other. Here is a news flash. Why do you think these players were cut from other teams. Wake up, bring in some talent.

no fire belfumble problem solved

Remember, Taffe was here before OBIE was hired. And since your stuck paying for Taffe and his band of misfits for another 2 years, you might as well keep Taffe on the field coaching.

Obi: I'm falling and I can't get out !