Obie will take a few more days

December 12, 2007

Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

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Obie will decide if Charlie is going to be
his Head Coach by the end of this week

We will definitely have new co-ordinators.

but no decision has been made on
the rest of the coaching staff.

Taaffe has advised them to seek
other employment for next season.

Obie would like to have his head coach
and defensive and offensive co-ordinators

chosen and in place before Christmas
and his assistants by next month.

Well, I found the following the most interesting line...

"I'm just contemplating the best thing to do and whether I should talk to some other candidates. I'm kind of mulling it around in my head," O'Billovich said yesterday, adding he expects to make a call by the end of the week.

I'd love to know who he HAS TALKED TO!

Oh Well, what's a couple more days??? Like so many others, I'd like to see a decision sooner than later but we will live with the decision for the season and this decision is critical!

Perhaps the delay is caused in part to lining up the assistants (Co-Ordinators) Charlie and/or Obie have identified as prime candidates to see whether or not they could (or would) work as part of the "team"

Either way - the longer it takes Obie to make a decision leads me to believe that Charlie will be the guy.

I'm guessing that Charlie's gone. Not sure why. Just a hunch.

He has Interviewed Charlie 3 times
If He want to Fire him it would be done by now.
He should had Real good Shot at Staying :thup:

It’s probably Mitchel who keeps bugging him to keep meeting with him.

I just hope it’s not Ritchie or Taffe next year.

Higgins Ritchie and Taaffe have Head Coaching Experience
The others don't

I don't want a Rookie Head Coach .
They make too many Mistakes.
Charile Mistakes where bad but Rookie would do worse

I agree with you Taaffe is staying put.
My guess is they are trying to agree on O&D coaches.
and maybe Charlie is getting the guarrentee play offs or you are gone offer.

bottom line Charlie stays. too many rookie players reporting to a D or O coach who don't know the game to well. then reporting to a HC who hasn't been in the cfl for a few yrs. give Charlie a break 1 more yr I'll start the chant.

8) The headline with that article says " Next Week ", not the end of This Week, as to when the new HC will be decided upon !!!!!! :roll:

Tipper, that was confusing to me at first as well, then I looked at who wrote the article! So the announcement will come this week at the end of next week I guess.

Stupid is a stupid does, Tipper.

Don't blame the Headline
of the story on Ken Peters.

True, but maybe the headline is correct. All kidding aside, I would like to know which is right.

Still, the very fact that Taaffe didn't have Obie's immediate and outright support is a huge statement in itself. This decision and its justifications should be interesting.

"The headline with that article says " Next Week “, not the end of This Week, as to when the new HC will be decided upon !!!”

The article says: “O’Billovich reiterated that he would like to have a head coach and defensive and offensive co-ordinators in place before Christmas with some assistants to be hired next month.”

My read is that Obie will make a decision on Taaffes future by the end of the week. We may not see a new HC sometime between then and Christmas.

"We may not see a new HC UNTIL sometime between then and Christmas."

This what happen last year.
We wait Close to Christmas to have Head coach in Place. What Happened we lost out CFL Experienced Coaches and end up with Rookies in the CFL

This is another Reason Taaffe should stay.

Why? Taffe has to hire an entire new staff anyways and doesn't really know anyone in the league with experience which is why he went with all his American buddies.

Who ever the coach is though Creehan would be by far the most logical choice for the D.C spot.

did you see Calgary's defense the last few years?

And Ritchie wouldn't be?