Obie Wasting Time- Clock Ticking.....

No free agent signings, no trades, the season opener is getting closer. What's going on? Here we were- promised a GM that would do something about the state of the team and so far WE GET A BIG FAT NOTHING!*

  • Just wanted to get my Christmas complaining done early for once and maybe beat the rush. :slight_smile:

Dude have some more coffee.

His press conference isn't for another 1 1/2 hr.

Crikkies give Obie a break. he has released 2 people already. Ever think he might want to concur with the HC first before making announcements.

IMPATIENCE.....Thy name is Mark!

His press conference isn't for another 1 1/2 hr point exactly!!!! It's only 1/2 away and nothing's been done.

Livendie--- check the emoticon. :slight_smile: There's a little bit of sarcasm going on here. Just a little bit 'cause I'm a nice guy. That Wilf falla' though.....

That Wilf guy ???

Mark, why do you expect people to relate to subliminal messages supposedly contained in an emoticom?

Some of us are capable of relying on words to express our thoughts. I thought you were one of us, but maybe I was mistaken.

You must remember that you have attained a status on here. We have come to expect clarity from you, and do not look for hidden messages. Maybe that's our fault, but there it is! You are much too erudite to rely on emoticons.

( The bill for those kind words will be in the mail.)

Wilf- did you see my comment on Oski's post yesterday? I've been working on research that combines the neural plasticity of adult hummingbird brains with Aristotle's theory of active intellect as they both relate to trait meta-mood theories of emotional intelligence. And you want EXTRA words out of me? Meanie....

Mark, I heard that he will announce 5 trades and next years starting lineup at the news conference today! :slight_smile:

next years starting lineup
So it's short-term planning again?

Not good enough!!!!!! :smiley:

He calls it his "five minute plan"

What about the line-up for '09?

Why have we not won the Grey Cup since the Obie signing???

note the sarcasm

Mark, now that is IMPATIENT! Maybe next week.

Wilf, I thought Mark was altering our minds sumliminally for years... Just ask his students...

Mark, I really wish you would divert your talents to more productive studies like how an African swallow could possibly carry a coconut to England.

he could grip it by the husk.