Obie was right for B.C.

O'Billovich is the new Ticats GM

Loss of top talent scout could hurt down road

Lowell Ullrich , The Province

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

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quotes...'O'Billovich found 11 of the 24 starters
in the West Division final for the Lions,

including three of the last five
top rookie award winners in the CFL.'

another one...

'speculation is certain to follow O'Billovich
that Lions defensive co-ordinator Dave Ritchie
will become a fixture in Hamilton.'

another re: B.C. G.M. candidates...


you may be very surprised
when you read the article

and find out who it is.

'two other candidates who
perhaps will soon be available

are Mike McCarthy, senior adviser to
ousted Hamilton G.M. Marcel Desjardins,

and Ticats personnel director Craig Smith,
who left B.C. 3 years ago when [Obie] arrived.'

Obie almost stayed in BC!

I hear he turned down the job at the first interview Nov. 21st
and it took 4 interviews to get him to sign up with the Ticats.

Scott made his decision on Dec 1. 2007 but
Obie was still bargaining for a better deal.

Ron, I would think those candidates would be for the vacant player-personnel director job or facsimile. Buono is NOT going to step aside as G.M., I would think.

Oski Wee Wee,

2 things that I find interesting since Bill O'Boblivich (I don't know why I find that funny?) has taken over as GM.

Imports will start, and not back-up
BRAVO for that one!!
And if you do not have depth at QB, you are in trouble.
I wonder if he could interest Dave Dickinson in a back-up job?

Richie Williams will have some competition at camp. But it won't be Dickenson. He hates Printers, and would never come into a situation where he is "second fiddle" to a guy he doesn't even like.

So what? Who needs him? Yeah, he'd look good sitting on the bench eating up salary cap. He is a great quarterback, but I hope for Dave's sake he sees the light and retires. Football isn't worth your life.

This mess cant get much more ugly can it?
This self proclamed great scout we lost has done nothing to make us win in the past four years!

No comments yet on this quote

from the Vancouver Province
that I gave a link to above.

'The departure of O'Billovich could start a chain reaction
of personnel movement but will definitely stir up conjecture
because of his longtime ties all across the three-down league.

Buono's most pressing sudden need might be best filled
by one of the reported candidates for the Hamilton jobs,
former Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Roy Shivers.

Although Shivers has not been actively involved in scouting

since being replaced by Eric Tillman
midway during the 2006 season,

his track record of success goes back to his days

with the Calgary Stampeders-- working alongside Buono.

B.C. will use the exit of O'Billovich
to re-examine its scouting structure

and consider how best to use
personnel co-ordinator Neil McEvoy,

who has been negotiating contracts
the last couple of the years,
but will also contact Shivers.

Come on folks, the mention of Shivers name used to
make the hair stand up the back of people's necks here
and shivers go up and down their spines.

Here's a little something
that might prime you guys up.

Shivers could fill hole; Former 'Riders GM
headlines list of possible replacements

The Vancouver Sun Thu 06 Dec 2007 Ian Walker

He's not mad. Nor is he frustrated.

To be honest, Wally Buono's actually a little proud.

For the second straight year, the B.C. Lions G.M.
and head coach finds himself answering questions
on how he's going to fill the hole in his front office
rather than gaps on the field.

Bob O'Billovich -- the Lions director of player personnel
since Buono took over the team in 2003 --
was named G.M. of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Wednesday.

"It's like losing a key player or losing a key coach

it's a part of our business that exemplifies
we've had success as an organization

and people are looking to emulate
or get a part of that," said Buono,

who lost offensive coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine
to the Edmonton Eskimos last off-season.

"It just means we have to go out and find someone else."

Topping a list of candidates is former
Saskatchewan Roughriders G.M. Roy Shivers.

The one-time Lions assistant coach
has a long history with Buono

as a member of the Calgary
Stampeders management team.

The Stampeders went to four Grey Cups
-- winning two -- during their tenure
in Calgary during the 1990s.

"I'm not going to skirt the issue, I had
a tremendous run with Mr. Shivers in Calgary

and I thought he and I were
a pretty good combo," said Buono,

of his longtime friend who was fired
by the 'Riders midway through the 2006 season.

"Now, I don't know what his interest
level is, if he has interest at all.

Other than that there are a handful
of other guys that can fill that bill."

Shivers, who lives in Las Vegas,
did not return calls on Wednesday.

Other names being mentioned include

Mike McCarthy, senior advisor to
ousted Hamilton GM Marcel Desjardins,

as well as Ticats personnel director Craig Smith.

One person it won't be, is Neil McEvoy.

The 31-year-old Lions player personnel
coordinator already has his hands full

handling many of the day-to-day
operations of the team

as well as negotiating contracts

and assisting the coaching staff
with game and scouting preparation.

Did we mention he also does windows.

"Neil has a capacity with us, but we don't want to
put too much more on his plate," said Buono.

"I think for an interim period he could assume
some of the responsibilities, which he does, already.

He deals with a lot of the agents
who are trying to place their players,

he does a lot of evaluation of
the player profiles we get ...
so that's not going to stop.

"O'Billovich's voice was scratchy and horse
when he answered his Lions cell phone on Wednesday.

A day of press conferences and
meetings will do that to a fella.

The CFL mainstay said the decision
to leave the Lions was one of

the toughest of his 35-year
professional football career.

"Wally's right, my hiring is
a compliment to the organization

-- it's top notch from Bobby Ackles down," he said.

"I'd like to think I left the team in very good shape
-- it's a lot better now than when I came in 2003.

I even signed a few new guys
this week from NFL camps.

"My loyalty was with B.C, until
this was announced today.

In fact, I still need to talk to Wally to see
what else I have to do so all is right when I leave."

Like returning their phone?

"I'm sure they'll want it back
sooner than later," he quipped.