Obie trade predictions

I think Chang will be ok if he gets proper protection. In the exhibition game vs Winnipeg he looked great because no one was in his face and he was stepping into his throws. However, in the back-to-back regular season games against Toronto, Chang always threw off his back foot, and looked like he was more concerned with getting hit than throwing the ball accurately. He will have to work on his pocket-courage if he is ever to be a good CFL QB, and if Hamilton wants Chang to QB here, Obie will have to shore up his protection.

Richie Williams would be good trade bait.

Based on their 2007 performances, you'd sort of have to figure you'd get a better return in a trade for Williams than you would for Chang.

But I'd be reluctant to move him, given Printers' unfortunate history of being somewhat injury prone.

The thing I like about having Printers, Williams, and Chang, is that it eliminates the "I'm pining for Kevin Eakin" threads.....

I agree with madjack we better keep williams as he could be our next quarter back as printers has done nothing yet but hopefully he can but i would still keep williams

There's also the fact that all 3 QBs have a similar style, therefore only ONE offence needs to be developed...


Printers and Williams can throw and scramble, whereas Chang can only throw.

Based on…

If anyone would have him...Brock Ralph.

In the theory that you're going have to give up something to get something....

Terry Caulley
Richie Williams

The hope is that the new player scouting database set up by Dan Rambo and the player evaluation skills of Bob O'Billovich will allow the Ticats to significantly improve their talent base without trading away the promising young players they already have.

I wonder what will happen to our young D lineman with OBies vision of 10 imports on the Defence .

 I was really hoping to see Reid , Loescher ( a sure thing ) and Bekasiak step up thier games next season after a year starting and learning the CFL game .  Now i have to wonder what will happen to Reid and Bekasiak . I hope they get a chance to at least be backups and when they get a shot due to injury they show them that they can start and should start .

Certainly having Loescher start at DE as a Canadian helps our ratio hugely and allows us another import on the O line or another import reciever .

re-Bekasiak -- convert to LT-imho- and Had Obie been here since 2004 Dmac would have retired in 03 :lol: --- Bauman,Chang,Karikari,Walker,(All Marcels handywork = trade bate- Obie wants more speed receivers and bigger hard hitting DB,s- :rockin:

Blockbuster Trade- Michael Bishop to Hamilton, Casey Printers to the Arg,s < Bishop and Williams Tandem QB system in Hamilton, Allen can mentor kC into a team Player! :thup: :thup: -Good trade for CFL-

Hendy takes his last breath (gasps) and dies.

Bishop for Printers??? And I thought the Church of the Universe guys were in jail??


on Mass's trade idea. No. :wink:

Casey can be mentored with the hiring of a fulltime QB COACH here. LOL

As for Williams, he has more upside than Bishop IMHO. He does not tip the defence by locking in presnap to where he plans to throw the ball, doesn't throw consistently into double and triple coverage at key moments of the game, and simply can read defences better at this stage of his career than Bishop could at the same point.

I would pick Casey any day of the week over Bishop. With a full training camp of reps behind him, we should see positive results in a new offensive system under a new OC. If Casey should get hurt, we have Richie, who may be in the top two or three backups in the league right now re potential.

After the East final debacle, I have more questions about Bishop than answers. He's entering year six. It's time for him to elevate his play and manage games as a starter better. He won't be able to pad his starter's records with four easy wins over Hamilton in 2008. So it's less Off The Record lip service and more production for Bish. Crunch time.

Oski Wee Wee,

Has Obie not made at leastv an "unconcious" "unwitting" point?

He wants guys on the payroll that aren't "standing around"...

And believes in Printers (okay, fine, I have my issues that he cannot stay healthy enough to do a full season, but thats just me!)

Plainly, Obie sees RW as QB#2, capable of coming in and pushing on, (and I'd agree!) but that makes Timmy Chang trade bait or a "cut" from the team...

Lets face it, Chang might be a legitimate QB in the CFL somewhere, some time, and, quite aside from being a good guy is not a "match" for Hamilton at this point...

If he is "trade bait" to anyone else (Montreal, Winnipeg?), Obie can probably exact he pound of flesh in return...

The GM doesn't pick who starts so i'm sure Obie meant what he would like to see on D.