Obie trade predictions

Who do you all think Obie will trade in the off season?

I predict Radelin, Chang and Karikari will be dealt out.


Radelin maybe, Chang probably not (unless Obie has a better prospect) but doubt anything would happen before camp, Karikari would be cut if anything.

Redlein could be traded, Chang no because I still think he will be a very good q.b in this league in a more wide open system that attacks defences and no team wants Karikari for obvious reasons.

My reasoning on picking Chang is that I doubt he would be happy being the 3rd man again and with Williams' longer CFL experience i'm sure he has the 2nd man job on lock.

I think Chang will be a starter one day in this league.

I think BC may be interested in Chang and Radelein, maybe as part of a package deal.

Remember, even though Chang stunk in Hamilton last year, he does have potential, and BC has a big Asian population. So if he lit it up out there, it may mean more ticket sales for the Lions from that segment of the population.

And Radelien is a good, experienced Canadian.

Chang, Radelien and the first overall pick for?????

I agree with zenstate on this. Chang is a pretty good ballplayer that will probably never reach his potential here because of the players ahead of him on the depth chart.

Better to bring in a new kid at the position for training camp and give Chang a break with a team willing to give him some playing time. He is probably the only tradeable player anyway, that we can afford to part with.

Remember, even though Chang stunk in Hamilton last year, he does have potential, and BC has a big Asian population
Chang is Hawaiian, not Asian.

"Chang, Radelien and the first overall pick for?????"

And I'm glad that you are not our GM

It seems Chang would be reasonable trade fodder, because he is still young and healthy with a great arm, and may do better under different tutelage. As for anyone else, given that so many players were dealt last year, nothing would surprise me anymore.

One thing for sure Obie won't get fooled on any trades, he knows the league too well.
He will know its not rocket science what this team needs. So we will see some good WR's and DB's in camp. Probably a difference maker for the DL...and if a real good LT drops in Obie's lap he wouldn't be turned away.
I know you always have to look forward, but it would be intersting to see where this team would be if Bob had given Obie the job from day one.

He is from Hawaii yes but he is of Chinese origin.

Would you be so critical of my post if the ????? was Geroy Simon, Corey Banks, Jason Jimenez, or Aaron Hunt? Think about the needs on this Ticat team.

Since BC has already 2 good qbs in buck pierce and jarious jackson wouldnt it be an even worse situation for chang here to get playing at least here he can still come in and compete for a 2nd string spot bc its a given he will be 3rd stringer.

I'll EAT my HAT if O'Billovich is able to get anything but a LOW ROUND Draft Pick for Chang ... YOU ALL may think the kid has 'POTENTIAL' but there are GM's out there that KNOW the DIFFERENCE ... I'll EAT my SHORTS if Chang is even in TC NEXT Season.

Nope, there is VERY LITTLE Trade bait on this squad ... it will be up to O'Billovich to FIND some TALENT, or SIGN some ... cuz' it AIN'T cummin' from a TRADE.


Your opinions are back on course with my opinions, Mean.

Your CFL OLD BOYS NETWORK comment confused me.

New blood in the coaching ranks may be
good for the on field product, Mean

but in the G.M's office


is what it's all about

and who has a BIGGER NETWORK

than a CFL OLD BOY?

Geroy Simon & 2nd or 3rd round pick.

When Bob O’Billovich was interviewed by Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt on The Fan590 Prime Time Sports this evening, he was asked to identify the problem areas on the Ticat team. He immediately said that the defensive secondary was a mess during most of the 2007 season and that the receiving corps also needs to improve. Whether it is through free agency, trade, or the CFL Draft, O’Billovich will pay special attention to upgrading those two areas.

Sounds about right. Any players other teams would want won't be traded. Not too many trades made in the CFL now except for back-up players for low draft picks.

The good news is last year Desjardins raised the expected return when dealing for third string quarterbacks. Based on the new standard, I expect one of BCs receivers and a starting lineman in return for Chang.

I predict Chang will never return to Hamilton...unless its with another team. Obie does not strike me as being the type of GM that would want to keep him on when he has so much more to learn. I can't think of one reason for him to be back unless its for trade bait.

or to develop him.... like what he's said about a "third QB"

just a thought....