Obie stays, Mike and Craig gone

I got this in an e-mail from AM900 CHML

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will introduce Bob O'Billovich
as their new general manager this afternoon.

O'Billovich leaves the B.C. Lions as player personnel director
to replace Marcel Desjardins, who was fired
after the Ticats ended their season
with a 3-and-15 record.

O'Billovich was general manager of the Lions
and Argos in the early 90's and has led teams
to three Grey Cup finals as a coach.

The 67-year old was named CFL
Coach of the Year in 1983 and 1987.

O'Billovich will soon meet with head coach Charlie Taaffe,
who has two years remaining on his contract,
to decide whether to bring him back in 2008.

Ticats director of football operations Dan Rambo is returning,
but senior advisor of football operations Mike McCarthy
and player-personnel director Craig Smith have been let go.

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Hamilton's News Talk Leader

sorry to see Mike McCarthy & Craig Smith Go.
Both are Great People and Fine Football Men.
I learn a lot from both of them.
I hope land on there Feet somewhere

Interesting that Craig Smith is gone (assuming it's true). He worked for Obie in B.C. before coming to Hamilton, and wasn't fired there.