Obie Sign Luke Petitgout!

Most of you probably don't know who he is, but he could be the answer to our problems at left tackle. He was once a starting NFL tackle, but injuries have lead him to being tossed around the NFL, and I feel his career down there is over. He was the Giants starting tackle for about 5 years and did a damn fine job of it. If he does not find any NFL interest I would love to see him in black and gold, where he would be much improved over Jonta Woodard and Charlie Thomas.

see ya woodard,
definitely a familiar name in luke in the nfl

At 6'6" 310 he is really a good size. (reminds me in more ways than one of Travis Claridge, RIP)

He may not be healthy enough to play again. I'm sure if he really wanted to, his agent would send out that info.

Quite frankly I no nothing of him other than what his bio says, but after being released by Tampa last fall it looks like he isn't signed to anyone!

He was just released on Friday. His career with the NFL is over, however I think he could come up here and play 4 or 5 years, and be much better than Woodard.

oh goodness me

you guys crack me up

Luke petitigout !!!

wait, how do we know another NFL team won't pick him up?

Because he is to injury prone, it's possible another team will pick him up, but unlikely

8) That is all we need, another injury prone guy here !!
In reality, any import tackle, with NFL experience has to be an improvement over Woodard !!

Do you not think that Obie is on track with all the half decent good players that are either available now, or will be in the next couple of weeks ???

This guy appears to be washed up at this point in his career !!!                    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->
8) I agree !!! It is quite novel, isn't it !!! :roll:

this guy is damaged goods, why would you that mess, the giants were smart enough to cut him, and they won a superbowl a year later, this guy got hurt in the middle of last season, and the bucs went on to win a division title without, this guy is done like dinner.

oh..and while you are at it...I have a wounded duck you should sign!