Obie says Bellefeuille will be our O.C.

Ken Welsh reported that Obie confirmed this
on CH TV Sports tonight at 11 o'clock.

Hamilton fans have my sympathy.

sigh.. I can only hope the general consensus is untrue about him.. but with so many nay sayers how can it be.
I'm so tired of not even meeting mediocrity standards

Quoted for truth!

Truth indeed! As a fan of one out-coached team (Edmonton) to the fans of another (Hamilton), we know misery loves company!

EDIT: In the spirit of the holidays though, Merry Christmas Hamilton.

(No hard feelings I hope that we got the better present from the Als with Thorpe....)

I think you just spoke for every CFL fan out there. The guy is living proof that it is better to be a famous catastrophe than an annonymous success

Maybe he has learned from his previous mistakes?

A la Belichick did coaching the Cleveland Browns.

Stranger things have happened. The team wanted an offensive coordinator with previous CFL experience and that's what they got.

At least they were successful in that sense!

  • paul

Casey Printers in a Marcel Bellefeuille offence?

It was something, last year, to see Moreno going ballistic at O'Neil.

I think it will pale in comparison to what's coming.

At some point in a game, early in the season, I think we're going to see Printers blow a gasket at some of the playcalling.

Last year there were many instances of Calvillo coming on to the field after getting the call from Bellefeuille, and the look on his face said it all; pure disgust; but being the trooper and team-first kind of guy that he is, Calvillo never said anything (publicly, anyway).

Somehow, can't see Casey Printers doing that.

If nothing else, it should provide some entertainment.

The problem is Marcel not AC. Marcel is a joke.

Like this one?

LOL, yes, that was sort of what I had in mind.....

Well Als fans you can say one thing your team got better with Bellefool leaving for the cats.

Well, well, well.... it appears some others agree that MB HAS had success in every job he's had and that he DOES have a bright future in this league. This was originally posted by Arius in another thread....

"First, the Riders were 11-7 in 2003, and 29-25 with Marcel as OC.

Next, if Cavillo and the Montreal offense had merely floundered this year (2007) with Marcel as OC, then maybe the case could be made. However a quick examination of the facts tells us Montreal's offence went into a tailspin in 2006, a year before Marcel took over.

In 2005, Montreal led or were second in nearly every offensive catagory. In 2006, that dropped off considerably, averaging 4th or 5th best in most catagories, including a drop off in the performance of Cavillo.

In fact, in net offence per game, the Als actually improved upon the numbers from 2006 this year, with Cavillo's personal rating rising from a dismal 85 in 06 to a respectable 95 in 07. And given that he missed a number of games for a variety of reasons this year, the fact that the offence was comparable says blaming Marcel for all the team's woes is a bit much."

I say ... well put ol' chap!


Nope...I still blame MB :lol:

I suggest Kel looking at AC’s expression of disgust and tell me that he is a good coach. :lol: :lol: :lol:

atleast he has experience, anything is better than last years staff

If the Cats get ahead in games they'll have success with him as OC, if they fall behind I give them my sympathies because his offenses are not known for their deep passes or big play potential. You'll likely lead the league in Time of Possession.

He's not a bad Offensive Coordinator, just not an imaginative one either.

Belle Who?

Belle flutie??

Dougs wife is gonna coach?

or would that be Darrens wife??

More like Belle-FAILED