OBIE Says - Arland is playing Friday Nite!!!!!

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Man, am I jacked about this trade and watching our receivers now.

Rodriguez, Stala, Davis, Bruce…Man, I wasnt gonna go to the game on Friday because I got a stag…but screw it…Im gonna stiff and head down to Ivor Wynne…hope more folks who are on the fence join me!!!

Home playoff game??? OH YA!


Says a lot about our offence if her can learn it in two days.

At tad off topic I suppose............but on that theme, I am reminded of a situation in the past when Marcel Bergeron was coaching the Quebec Nordiques, they had just signed a Russian goalie named Sergei Mylnikov, who apparently didn't speak a word of English or French. When asked about that, Bergeron replied "when we put the puck at him in practice, he'll know we expect him to stop it."

So, 'when Porter/Glenn throw the ball to Bruce, he'll know he's expected to catch it.

Simplistic I know....but my guess is that it is easier for a veteran receiver to step in and play right away than it would be for a new QB. . .

Makes sense, it's one position that you just go out and run your post, curl or whatever and get open.

Who does Bruce replace?

Fortunately in professional team sports you have something called "timing" and "chemistry".

Unfortunately we also have a ton of motion in our scheme.

Don't see how it will wash over two days of practice, with one those being the walk-thru.

8) He doesn't use the team playbook anyway !!! :wink:
   He just freelances and runs his own routes  !!!!

CFL playbook terminology is by all accounts less arduous than American playbooks (college and pro), especially re the Walsh wing of the West Coast. If one gets that spread offenses following the Gillman-Coryell-Zampese wing of the West Coast system are number-based in terminology re routes, it just depends on the other lingo as to the complexity/learning curve. If Bruce is given a specific slot to play in all game, he might just have to listen for his number in the playcall to get the route as in Toronto.

CFL playbooks can be phonebook-sized like Taaffe's was, the issue is whether the unit is on the same page and can dial up the correct play and execute it.

As for freelancing, I suspect it happens more in the CFL than in the NFL. Watching Walsh or Norv Turner run an offensive practice is a sight -- one yard off in one's route depth and you might as well be prepared to be dug into the ground on the spot. LOL CFL? I have never seen as control-freakish a spectacle as that at practices.

Oski Wee Wee,

What ever any one says Bruce is one of the best Receivers out there and our team got alot better today! Now what about the defence!

Who does he replace? who sits on Friday?

Nobody said he has or will learn it in 2 days. All OB said was 'he will play'.

This could mean:

  • return punts or kickoffs.
  • occasional post pattern, or deep route.
  • used as a possible decoy, to free up the other receivers.

He can do more damage to the opposition just being on the field, without necessarily even touching the ball.

How hard is that to understand??

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Don't assume he's starting or even gettin major reps, Obie just said he'll be playing. I agree, why not? The sooner, the better-

I tell you one thing...if we're down one or two scores and need a big play, I want this guy on the field returning punts and running slants across the deep middle. He's a proven big play performer.

how hard is it to have him run the deep ball he has speed to burn like others just having him out there will take double teams off an other receiver and will likely double team him and cause someone to be open. The benefits of him just being on the field far out weigh the negatives.

That's the interesting thing.


Well, I doubt he's starting on Friday. But in the long run it will probably be Curry. Prechae and Davis are locks, Stala is the possession work horse. Curry has speed to burn but is not open very often for deep plays. He's still learning the CFL game and would be more effective as a fifth receiver I think. He may be able to get some mismatches where he will have a better opportunity to get open and use that speed. We have a lot of young receivers with potential but someone has to sit out of the starting line up. Bruce is an upgrade any way you look at it.

Out of curiousity, has Bruce selected his starting QB for Friday night yet, or do we have to wait to hear who he's chosen in the newspaper?


He's waiting for the result's of Tom's latest BGR poll...get with the program!

:D :D :D ;)

Oski Wee Wee,

When's the last time Currie even started a game?

And Bruce is a SB, not that he can't switch but he's been really explosive there.