Obie says 50-50 that Casey will be back

I was just thinking the same thing. Obie is waiting for Printers to accept a pay cut in order to make this deal happen. I would love to see Kevin Glen in the Hammer.

We are very deep in QB. We have D Mac and Kahari :wink:

But seriously, Glenn would be a nice addition!

I'm not a Kevin Glenn fan and never have been.

Might as well keep Casey if you're getting a guy who had a couple real good years and struggled last year.

Glenn almost lost his job to frickin' Dinwiddie. If Dinwiddie wasn't as bad as he was he would have.

I'd personally like to see Casey take a cut and come to camp and try and prove he's still got something left. If he doesn't then turn the keys over to Porter and see how for he can take us.

I don't understand how everyone is so preoccupied with what all these guys make. It's not like if they cut Printers and Keith thay can just spend the money and instantly make this team better. This isn't MLB and we aint the Yankees.

Championship teams are built on scouting and Canadian tallent. The only team in this league that tries to throw money at all it's problems is the Argos and we see how it's workin' for them.

i agree. theres no point in getting glenn.

I agree with Double Blue that a higher priority for Obie is to sign Quinton Porter to a contract extension. Once he knows how much that will cost the team, he can better decide on how to approach the Casey Printers contract situation.

I'm not a Glenn fan either. I think he's a journeyman QB, not more. I'd rather keep Printers. In fact, depending on success whatever contract negotiations occur with Obie and Printers, I hope CP is back to compete for the starting QB job. Competition is good for our team. If he wins it, great. If Porter does, also great. Thing is, we do need to find and sign more candidates.

I am not sure how much Glenn is earning but to me he would be a nice fit in Hamilton.
An experienced back-up for Porter is perfect!

He was making between 325 and 350 going on memory... Pretty expensive for a backup QB with bad knees.

as opposed to a 400,000 - 500,000 Backup QB that often injured as well.

The Casey situation is in a confusing state right now

Winnipeg shopping for a #1 QB is likely the reason

that Obie wants to find out now how many $$$
Casey Printers is willing to give up to stay here.

I believe Casey is due to get $425,000 this year.

Someone here said Glenn earns $325,000-$350,000

Neither of them have played up to potential lately

Kevin had the better team around him
but he had to deal with Doug Berry

Casey didn't get enough protection
or have enough experienced receivers

to support him when he was getting starts.

It's too bad Casey isn't getting a chance to prove
he is worth close to what his contract is set at now.

If he isn't willing to take a decent sized cut in pay now
and Winnipeg is willing to pay what he is asking

and Obie isn't, then, Obie can unload him and hope
that Kevin Glenn returns to his 2007 season form.

If Kevin does well and returns to close to his 2007 form

we will be better off than if we waited until Training Camp
and found out Casey wasn't able to win the starter's job

and he wouldn't accept a big enough reduction in salary


Quinton still has one year + an option year left on his rookie contract, TCTD.

I would wait until after this season before opening that contract up.

Quinton can prove his worth by what he does this year.

8) Kevin Glenn was not the same QB after he broke his arm. I wouldn't want him here.
  All we need here is another gun shy, afraid to take a hit QB  !!!

Bobby Ackles claimed Printers had a strange sideways throwing style that they convinced him to correct but the next season he came back to Training Camp with the same sideways style and a bad attitude to boot. Perhaps that's why he was so good for a short time in B.C. and might explain his shoulder injury?

According to Rob Pedersen Jesse's not going anywhere if Hamilton can help it:
"Now 26 years of age, the 6'2", 226 lb back finds himself at a crossroads. The Ticats have reportedly put a deal on the table which would make Lumsden one of the highest-paid Canadians in the game. However sources in Edmonton say the Eskimos made a strong play to land Lumsden at last season's trade deadline but were rebuffed. Might they be putting together a solid financial offer in hopes of attracting him once the deadline hits? It would seem like a natural fit, as Lumsden was born in Edmonton during his father Neil's glory days with the powerhouse Eskimos. But don't expect the Tabbies to let him slip through their fingers easily. He has become the face of their franchise."

I see that you got that quote from, Sportscallion.

He also has some interesting things to say
abou other CFL players and coaches, too.

[url=] ... -questions[/url]

i.e. another first string QB job could come open if Calvillo retires.

[opening up a job for Kevin Glenn or Casey if he is cut adrift]

Gary Etchevery moving over to D.C. at Saskatchewan

or Dave Ritchie as D.C. short term
with Kavis Reed as D-back coach.

...and more

Ken Peters posted a blog today with his opinion on the Printers and Glenn situation:

[url=] ... asey-.html[/url]

In this article by Ken Peters in today's edition of the Hamilton Spectator, Ticat team president Scott Mitchell states his belief that Casey Printers is and will be a great quarterback in the CFL but he will support any decision made by Ticat GM Bob O'Billovich about Casey Printers.

Peters also notes that Jesse Lumsden will test the free agent market three weeks from now.