Obie, Ralph Sazio and the QEW

Just Like 1881...Sort of

Sunday, December 9, 2007

By Josh Bell-Webster,

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'When I was driving down here today,

I actually remembered when
Ralph headed the other way,'

chuckled O’Billovich

on the day he was announced
as the Ticats new GM.

“Now after all these years, and especially
with the relationship he and I had in Toronto,

now I’m coming this way.?

“It’s kind of neat, actually.

If I can do as much for this football team
as Ralph did for the Toronto Argonauts,

I’ll be happy because I know we’re going to be
a good football team and a good organization.?

That's a looooooong time ago though!


Maybe Ron just has a looooooooog memory.
He is getting on in years.

What a Great Read Thanks Ron

I am glad I am not a Leafs fan 1-9-6-7 !!

I could N-E-V-E-R remember that far back.


Wilf, I hope you are not going to scold me
for the way I spelled the plural of ‘leaf.’

1981? Seems like yesterday to me!!

Ron, I would never scold you for spelling the name of the team 'Leafs'

Short history lesson...
In 1927, when Conn Smythe bought the Toronto Pats, and renamed them Toronto Maple leafs, he did so to honour the Maple Leaf Artillery Battery which he had recruited and commanded. So the name was his recognition of his comrades in the army.
I would never disabuse his using that name, nor your CORRECT usage of it.

Cheers, OLD buddy...

That was a great article.

Yes, it did bring back some horrible memories. LMAO

It's not quite a case of "turnabout is fair play," but if Obie can work some magic in The Hammer, it will realign things somewhat to where they were in the good old days. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Funny Obie would say that ,it's the first thing I thought of too ,maybe as a consolation to my inner self because we were hiring an ex-Argo as our GM.

I recalled Ralph Sazio and John Barrow later going the other way to the Argos back in their time.